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Yes you read the title of this post right, a virtual blogger event! A few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited to attend the Moonpig Virtual event. With Covid-19 stopping any social interactions or social gatherings, I thought this was an ingenious way to host an event. With things feeling a bit dull and being cooped up inside, I was thrilled to get the invite and to socialise virtually with someone else other than my boyfriend and cat - Sorry James . . . . looool

I actually got dressed in something other than sweats, brushed my hair and put make up on ready for a virtual evening of cocktail making, flower arranging and a tour around the Moonpig app. I'd never actually done a zoom call before so I was a lil bit anxious before hand - I'm a shy gal but after a few mins and a gin lol, the nerves left and I had a bloody good evening! A few days before the event, we were delivered an amazing cocktail making kit from Mix and Twist ready for the cocktail master class and a luxury rose and peony bouquet for the flower arranging.

To kick off the the event we had a tour of the Moonpig app to demonstate the different features the app has vs. desktop. Moonpig is always my go to when I need to send off a card. My parents live in NZ and it takes the stress out of getting something to them, I also love the reminder feature too as ya gal is a scatter brain . . . . did you know there's a virtual feature where you can see the card you're looking at in actual size? I think one of the best features that makes the card more personal is the handwriting feature where you can write your own message and upload it to the card.
We were very kindly given £15 of credit which had come in super handy with all the lockdown birthdays over the last few weeks!

Next up was the cocktail masterclass where we made 3 cocktails, its safe to say I defo should NOT give up my day job but I really enjoyed this part of the evening because it was so much fun, plus it involved gin . . . .

The class was run by James from Mix and twist and we had 3 gin based cocktails on the menu to make. Including a speed round lol.

We made an English garden, Elderflower Collins and a strawberry gimlet - all delicious but my fave was defo the English Garden, yummy and refreshing! Whilst we were doing the masterclass, I was also scarfing down a Wagamama's as we got gifted a JustEat voucher, legit could eat Wagamama's everyday!

The last part of the night was the flower-arranging. If you're anything like me, when I buy flowers, I legit just plank the flowers in a chipped vase and hey presto I'm done. Theres actually a lot more that goes into it. . . .

I learnt the correct way to arrange a bouquet AND that you really should snip off the ends at a 45 degree angle of your flowers before you put them into your vase of choice. Oh and also, flowers don't like drafty places and to change the water every couple of days to make them last. All noted for next time!

I really enjoyed the event and was super pleased I got an invite - thanks so much Moonpig for hosting a great evening!

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