A foray into skincare - Finally! Investing in Vegan Skincare for a beginners

Skincare has always confused me - doesn’t take much TBH. It’s something I've dabbled in over the years, and as the older I’ve got, the more COMPELLED I felt to get some sort of semblance of a routine. Well, when I say dabbled, what I really mean is washing my face and then putting on a bit of moisturiser when I remember. Not the best and you can’t really call it a routine can you? So yeah, I took to Twitter because originally I wanted to get a Korean skincare routine as from what I’ve seen on social media and a quick google search - they seem to know their shit. I got some good recommendations of bits to try and places to buy from. Unfortunately I found that, 1) not a lot of Korean skincare is cruelty free and 2) its kinda expensive. Which is fine, I just don’t have the budget at the moment to spend a lot on something I’m just getting into.

My friend Fii did give me some great CF Korea skin care recommendations, but as I mentioned above, they were hard to find and I didn’t have the dollar to spend when I did find the recommended products.  My other friend Kaye also spent me some recommendations and a site I could get bits from but not a lot of them seemed to be CF. A couple of tips I have learnt when it comes to skin care it:
  • To find out what type of skin you have i.e oily, combination, is to have a shower and after an hour see what your skins like. 
  • complete skin care routine should consist of:

  1. Oil/Cream Cleanser 
  2. Foaming Cleanser 
  3. Exfoliator 
  4. Toner 
  5. Active 
  6. Essence 
  7. Sheet Masks 
  8. Serums 
  9. Eye Cream 
  10. Moisturiser 
Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

But, as I’m a beginner, I’ve decided for now to just have an oil cleanser, foaming cleaner, toner and moisturiser. When I get more familiar with skincare and my routine, I’ll be introducing more products. My skin type is combination.  It can get very dry - especially in the winter and I get an oily T-zone. Other areas I wanted to concentrate on were fine lines and anti-aging now that I’m 30 and my pores - they’re hecking big! I wanted to see if I could find a product to help minimise them.

With Koreen products being a no go for me for the time being, I headed over to cult beauty to see what they had on offer. The thing I liked about their site was that they had a Vegan skin care section, so all products that I would feel comfortable buying, were all in one place. This is something I wish beauty sites did as standard, have all CF or vegan products in their own category, so that when you’re looking for new products to try, you don’t have to take to google to find out if they’re CF or not. It would just make things so much easier. 

I ended up getting 4 products, a cleaning balm, foaming cleanser, toner and a moisturiser. All products I had never used before from brands I had never seen before - lol. But after reading reviews and spending a good hour on cult beauty’s site, I was confident in the Products that I had chosen. 

The first product I got was Versed day dissolve cleansing balm after seeing Lima on IG talking about oil plugging I was keen to get some of this. I chose versed as the price was good for the amount of product you got, was highly reviewed, has low-waste packaging and the eucalyptus seemed like it would be soothing. This is the only product I've actually used. I spent some time messaging a dime sized portion as instructed, onto my skin for a good 30 mins to try to some oil pulling. I’m not sure I did get any plugs out, however I started to feel ‘grittyness” under my fingers after about 15mins. The balm can be used day or night and I’ll be using it to take my make up off as the first stop of my routine. 
Price: £16.50 for 67gBeginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

The second product, was the Herbivore Pink Clay cleansing bar soap.  It was a toss up between and another product I really want to try but I went for this in the end as I got more product for my money. I’ve seen a few people say online, if you’re going to do anything when it comes to skincare, make sure you double cleanse and use toner. I literally used to think double cleaning meant washing your face twice lol. Another reason I went for this was again for the low-waste packaging. I was also intrigued by the French pink clay which is said to withdraw impurity’s. One thing I did notice when I took the product out was the amazing smell it had, which was highlighted in the description as a therapeutic scent.
Price: £10 for 118ml

Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

The next product was what I was the most excited for and it was also the most expensive. . . . I really thought about whether or not I wanted to spend so much on the Glow Recipe Watermelon PHA + BHA Pore-tight toner. After reading about Glow Recipe on their site, I decided to take the plunge. I mostly wanted to try this out for the pore tightening, an area I would like to work on. Also it smells like Watermelons which I'm a sucker for AND also apparently is a Korean skin care hero ingredient as it had the ability to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Not only does it smell great it looks great too. I think once I have used all these products up, I think I would like to try more products from Glow Recipe if I get on well with this toner.
Price: £31 for 150ml

Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

So the last product I wanted to get to start off my new skincare routine is moisturiser. I decided to get myself another Versed product as the prices seemed fair. I went for the Versed Skin Soak rich Moister cream again I was drawn to the low-waste low-fuss product as to me, a moisturiser is a moisturiser lol. Which I'm probs wrong about. It also has anti-aging elements such as algae, which is another thing I was wanting to work on with my skin care routine. It’s also said to be non-greasy and non-heavy which is a must for me when it comes to moisturiser. I had acne as a kid and have always been put off having to put heavy products on my skin as I was worried it would make my break outs worse and also the reason I’ve only just started using moisturiser. . . . .
Price: £16.50 for 43g

Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

I’m looking forward to starting this journey of having a proper skincare routine and I hope I start to see some benefits to spending time on my skin. I managed to get 15% off my order at cult beauty which was a nice little plus. I thought if I spent some time researching and also money, I could hold myself accountable to actually keep up with a routine. Watch this space . . . .

Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine
Beginners Vegan Skin Care Routine

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