How I’m working on making my hair healthy again and my cruelty free hair care faves

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Oh boy lads my hair. It has been through a lot and up until last Easter I thought I was at the other side of bad hair health and on the road to non-snapped same length hair. WAS I WRONG lol. I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 15/16. Sporting the old misery business hair of 2007 for a good few years which of course required a lot of bleaching. In 2017 my hair had enough when I decided to go from blue back to red in the same day - big mistake. That left me with one side of my hair snapped and damaged. A year or so after, I got an asymmetric cut and patiently waited until the snapped parts grew back. Then last easter, after its health was restored, I decided to turn my hair from pastel back to the pinks and yellows [professionally and not by me] I always seem to gravitate towards. Everything was fine, until the morning after and I noticed my fringe felt fried as was my scalp and I was back to square one again with breakage and my hair health gone. I was gutted. I spent so much time and effort on getting it back to health and it had all started snapping again.

For years I’ve followed fad hair myths and things you should take and do to get your hair to grow. Truth is, there is no special pill or shampoo you can use to grow your hair again. Your hair will only grow at the rate that it naturally can do - none of those things are going to speed it up. That being said, there ARE things you can do that gets your scalp in the best possible health and gives our hair the best environment to grow.

This includes things like a good diet, with plenty of protein and lots of water. The obvious things like no excessive heat and even exercise can help promote hair growth. Basically, you’ve just got to put good stuff in you body to get good results.  I bet you’re thinking, “Jess, why don’t you just stop dyeing your hair?” You see, you can actually have long hair and hair growth even if you’re bleaching. Just bleach the roots and no excessive hair changes [that lesson I have learnt the hard way] and you should be fine. Cut off your ratty ends, only get your roots touched up every 8 weeks or over and just watch the heat - if you do these things, there's no reason why you can’t have healthy but coloured hair. As I’ve basically tried EVERYTHING [not even kidding] over the years, I thought I’d share products that actually do work.

1) Mane and tail shampoo

Originally horse shampoo then it got super popular when people started using it, I’ve used this stuff for YEARS. I noticed a lot of growth from the first time I started using it and haven’t stopped since. Don’t buy it from places like Urban Outfitter or Superdrug etc. You can get it well priced and in big bottles from places like amazon.

2) Take biotin

This is something I’ve also been doing for years. I started taking biotin in around 2014. I remember not taking it over one Christmas for around a month and noticed a huge different in the health of my hair when I didn’t take it. Don’t buy the faddy sugar hair bear things or stuff like hair burst. Its all the same thing but with less biotin in it. I usually buy just bog standard biotin from Holland and Barret but as I was doing my toiletries shop from amazon, I wanted to get everything from the same place so I currently have this different brand.

3) Cake mane management leave in conditioner*

Ok disclaimer on this one as I was actually gifted it along with some other hair care goods I’ll get to in a sec but this stuff is the bomb. I wash my hair around 1-2 times a week. I try to get it to once a week as it means my hair doesn’t fade as quick AND its a good thing for your hair to not wash it as much - also helps with the growth. The leave in conditioner leaves my hair feeling so silky smooth and lush. Doesn’t leave it feeling overly greasy like other leave in conditioners I’ve used AND smells like cake - what else could you want?

4) wet brush*

I believe thats what its called lol. I also got this along with the cake leave in conditioner. This is to be used when, well, when your hair's wet. You see, your hair is super weak when its wet so its best to be as gentle as possible. The wet brush is super kind on your hair and it glides though when wet. I use this for when I’ve washed my hair and my tangle teazer for when its dry. The wet brush is also decomposable too!

5) Hair growth scalp serum by Lee Stafford

I’ve tried a few hair serums in the past and my fave and the most affordable one is the Lee Stafford hair growth scalp serum. You can either use evening or night but I opt for nights it can do its thing while I sleep. Again, this isn’t a magical hair growth serum, like it says on the bottle it's for your scalp, giving your hair the best possible environment for it to grow in, at its own natural rate. I use this just before I go to sleep by adding 2 pipets of it onto my scalp, massaging and then brushing through. My hair feels super soft and shiny afterwards.

The current state of my hair health is that it's better by doing the above things. The pink side of my hair is getting super long and feels super healthy whilst the yellow side is playing catch up. However, the condition of the yellow side has vastly improved, so it's a case of waiting out the growth period. I’m hoping by the end of the year my hair will have grown out and be back to a healthy state.

products marked with a * have been gifted but I have not been asked to include them in any blog/social posts. All words and opinions are my own.

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