5 ways I spent 12 months curating my dream wardrobe

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So, for the last 12 months maybe even more, I have been curating my dream wardrobe. I started a few years ago putting in new practices when it came to adding things to my wardrobe, becoming hyper aware of the devastating effects that fast fashion has on the environment and the workers. I stopped buying for the sake of it, I stopped rinsing the sale for unnecessary items I didn’t need. I stopped shopping with certain brands and started to look on depop and eBay for items that I wanted. With that, it lead me to thinking what I wanted my wardrobe to look like and what pieces I wanted to fill it with, so I started the long [but fun] task of starting my wardrobe from scratch and I thought I’d share how I put together my dream wardrobe. . . .

Harajuku Style Blogger Foxxtailz
Harajuku Style Blogger Foxxtailz

1. Decluttering is your friend!

Since the Marie Kondo hype that started last year, I have been decluttering my literal life as well as my clothes. I’ve been pretty brutal too, where by the time I was done, I only had around 20% of my wardrobe left. My style hasn’t changed that much per se - I’ve just sold/donated a lot of stuff I no longer get wear out of. I cleared my wardrobe of a lot of darker colours [she says as she wears a black hoodie in these pictures haha] and things that I didn't think would fit my dream wardrobe.

2. Do your research and get filling up those virtual mood boards 

Ok, so with this I mean think about the type of things you want to fill with your wardrobe. I find a lot of inspo from IG accounts and Pinterest. I have a board on there full of colour fashion and outfits that bring me joy and what I would also like to have in my own wardrobe. After that, I started looking in places like depop and eBay for bits similar to the looks I'd save on my Pinterest boards.

3. Pick your theme

So this for me was pretty easy, I wanted to have a look more of a Harajuku/Tokyo fashion vibe in my outfits instead of just the nod I had previously been doing. My theme has always been “colour” but I decided to pick two main ones which I gravitated to the most which were pinks and lilacs. I still have a wardrobe full of colours, but my main colour palette are focused around pinks and lilacs. I also stick to core brands

4. Fill your wardrobe with pieces that will work together

This point stems from not wanting to consume as mush fast fashion. I wanted fill my wardrobe with key pieces that worked well together and I got a tonne of wear out of. The most fun I have with fashion is creating a bunch of outfits with pieces I own.

5. Less is more

I haven’t just completely gutted my wardrobe to almost nothing for me to fill it with stuff I don’t wear again. I still have a pretty full wardrobe but its nothing compared to what it was. Having less in your wardrobe means you’ll get more wear out of the pieces you already own. They deserve to be worn and not shoved in the back of your wardrobe for best. That way, I can utilise 100% of my wardrobe.

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Harajuku Style Blogger Foxxtailz
Harajuku Style Blogger Foxxtailz