Anti-valentines gifts for the Weeb in your life with Grindstore*

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*this post is in collaboration with Grindstore and contains gifted items but all words and opinions are my own*

Oh my dudes it’s TIME. February is upon us after the longest January recorded in history -  to date! February means: only one month away till spring, lighter nights, only a month away until my birthday [eep] AND the big V. I’m of course talking Valentine's day. The most marmite of “holidays”.

Me? Surprisingly, I am a fan of Valentines day despite not being an overly affectionate person. I hate over the top romantic BS and cringey gestures -  James can vouch for that BUT I do like the excuse to go get some food and buying James a nerdy Valentines card from etsy and me ruining it by writing something vulgar in it hehehe. I do make myself laugh. I also like spoiling James too, yes yes I KNOW you don’t need a dedicated day to do that but I just like it and like to do it. James does a lot for me [read: makes my tea, runs the house, takes my blog pictures, listens to me whine after a bad day and just generally takes care of me] so I’ll take as many chances as possible to show him how much I appreciate him as I can.

The kind folks at Grindstore let me loose on their site to pick out some goodies that would make great Valentine's gifts if you’re like me and aren’t into the super cutesy stuff. Because James and I are both weebs, I found some great stuff to satisfy our geeky hearts. As it’s been a while since I’ve done a list, I’ve collated my top  picks that would make perfect gifts for your weeby other half, or you know just yourself because hashtag self love.

1) Kawaii till I dieeee cushion. I love love love this so much. When you get to my age [ahem, 29. . . .] you start to appreciate gifts and bits for your home. I find it hard finding bits that match my personality and what I like for my home but this cute cushion was right up my street.
Alternative style blogger foxxtailz
Alternative style blogger foxxtailz

2) Dragon Ball mug
Ok so confession time, I’m really really not into DB. Like I’ve tried and I just can’t seem to get into it. DB is one of James'' fave things in the world ever so this mug would be a pretty rad gift for him!

3) My Hero Academia framed poster
I love this so much, MHA is currently our fave anime we're watching together, it's also got the anime merchandise but make it suitable for your home vibe - top points from me

Alternative style blogger foxxtailz

4) Sushi patch
For if you’re not really into Valentines day but want to make a small and cute gesture - would look rad with some more patches and pins on a jacket

Alternative style blogger foxxtailz
5) Goth crop top
Perfect for the [pastel] goth in your life

Alternative style blogger foxxtailz
6) Kawaii till I dieee tote bag
I mean how many tote bags are too many tote bags? Answer, the limit does not exist and when they’re as cute as this how can you not? It would make the cutest little gift

Alternative style blogger foxxtailz
Alternative style blogger foxxtailz

 7) Training to go super Saiyan top

Anything DB is a winner in James’ eyes so this uber geeky T would be a fun addition for his ever growing DB collection.

Until next time xo

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