Pole fitness // What to expect and how to combat first lesson nerves

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Ok, so we have something a little bit different on my blog today, over the years I’ve primarily shown my favourite outfits and how I liked to style them, I’ve dabbled in some lifestyle and “think” pieces and more recently, a diary style weekly round up [when I actually remember to do them lol] but I’ve never really done a dedicated post to pole - one of my most favourite hobbies I’ve done for nearly 4 years.

I did my first class in September 2016, I went with a friend at the time to ease the nerves and it was in a little studio in Howden, literally a short walk away from my old house. From my first class, I was instantly hooked. I remember being a ball of nerves and waiting to bail, I didn’t know what to expect,  I didn’t know what to wear and I didn’t know what the people would be like but within minutes of being there, all that worry was gone.

Wednesday evenings rapidly became my favourite day of the week, I looked forward to learning and conquering something new. I had 2 years in that studio in Howden, I learnt and pushed myself a lot and had a great first experience of pole with Katie and Diamond Notion. I even did my level 1 PDC exam - something I would NEVER envision myself doing. I had to put together a routine of 10 moves and then perform it. I was a ball of anxiety before it but at the end I was pretty stoked I pushed myself to do it. 

alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz
alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

Moving to Leeds meant I had to have a bit of a break from my weekly pole classes until I found a new studio. I was at a peak pole high and was desperate to find a new place so I could keep on practicing. After some googling, I found Aerial Empire and emailed Emily about classes to see which one would suit me the best then booked on to my first class. Once again, I had first day of class nerves, I’m a super shy person and get really nervous around new people, I very nearly bailed on my first class but remembered why I was doing this. I remembered Emily bounding over and instantly making me feel at ease, she was chatty, friendly and an excellent teacher. 

The two years at Aerial Empire I’ve made a bunch of friends, grown in confidence and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to achieve moves I never thought in a million years I would be able to do. I even took the plunge and did a smoke shoot! To celebrate all the things I’ve achieved so far in my pole journey. 

alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

So, a few things of what to expect in your first class ^_^

1) Nerves are normal, email the studio beforehand to tell them you’ve booked on your first class. They’ll put your mind at ease and make you feel super welcomed 

2) See if the studio you’re looking at does beginners courses. Everyone in your class will be new to pole and everyone will be in the same boat and feeling a bit of nerves too. Once the course is complete you can then go onto a beginners drop in class ^_^

3) Take a friend, see if a pal wants to start pole too, a familiar face may help settle your nerves

4) Wear what you want and feel comfortable in. Doing pole doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear next to nothing. My first class I wore a pair of shorts and a vest. More skin out = more grip, So as long as you have your grip points out (arms, inside of thighs etc) then you should be fine ^_^

5) Have fun! The pole community is one of the most supportive groups to be apart of! I can guarantee after your first lesson, you’ll be counting down the days until your next one!

Photos by: Kathrineelizabethp

alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz
alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

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