Knaves kitchen review

Oh hey there, welcome to my very brand SPANKING [naughty] new Vegan series. Yes, yes, I have now become one of those people that takes pictures of their food and uploads it to the internet for documentation. Jimmy Jam [ editor’s note: >:( ] and I have embarked on our very own vegan adventure that commenced on the 1st January. I’m trying to make it sound way more epic than it is. Basically, James and I have levelled up and gone from Veggies to Vegans.

I like food and eating and finding new things to eat is legit one of my fave things to do. Transitioning to vegan has led to James and I seeking out new places and things to try, so I wanted to start a lil series on my blog, to take you along on this Vegan journey with me. So far transitioning has been really easy. I’ve been veggie the best part of 5 years and all last year we were eating around 80% vegan so that massively helped. We’re lucky that there has been so many great vegan options and launches in January. Living in Leeds has also massively helped too as there are so many places to eat out available to us.

The first place I wanna introduce you to is Knaves Kitchen in Leeds. I stumbled on a FB post about their 25% off sale during January to celebrate Veganuary. I’ve been 3 weekends in a row . . . . if that doesn’t tell you how I feel about the place I don’t know what will lol. The first time we tried the “chicken” two piece meal and corn dog. Both excellent, my fave types of vegan meat alternatives are usually chicken and these ones did not disappoint. I’ve never had a corn dog to compare before but this one was great. We also got a side of the Mac and cheese balls which were huge and so filling, since going to Vurger last year and trying their Mac and cheese, Ive become obsessed with it! 

Second weekend I went with my friend Darcie, we were embarking on a day of vegan food and finding vegan treats that ended up being very successful. This time round I got the chicken nuggets and a side of fries and I shit you not my dudes they were the best freaking things I’ve had ever. So much so, I’ve been dreaming about them all week. You got 5 pieces with your order that are generously sized with 3 dips: BBQ, curry and I want to say the other was gravy? The best non meat version of chicken nuggets I’ve had in my 5 years of not eating meat.

My third visit [lol I told you it was excessive] I went back with James, this time round we got the chicken nugs again and the pizza pocket. We usually order a few things and share. The pizza pocket I expected to be mini pizzas but it turned out to be a HUGE calzone type thing with two dipping sauces. The pizza pocket was so soft and super cheesy - seriously delicious. 

To conculde, if you're in the Leeds area or will be visiting I would seriously consider a trip here for some tasty eats. Great location, great place and vibe and some great vegan eats that doesn’t break the bank - what more could you ask for?

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