Hello 2020

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Forgive me for starting off this post in the most cliche of ways but damn, 2020 already? I’m kinda unnerved. As I’m writing this, it’s that weird part between Christmas and new year where you haven’t a fucking clue whats going on, Pringles have become an accepted meal for tea and you’ve eaten so many boxes of Quality streets, you’re practically becoming a green triangle. Onesise are the norm for daytime attire and you’ve neglected to brush your hair for so long you can no longer find your hair brush, anyone else? Just me? ok then.

The past 3 years I’ve started to become hyper aware of time, the rate it’s passing and what that means for me. It’s become one of my biggest fears, the rate in which my life is speeding by and there being nothing I can do about it. Morbid I know but honestly, something I think about all the time.

Before I get too deep on my latest thing I’m terrified about, see the dark, flying and spiders. I felt the urge to do a mash up of a reflective/goals for 2020 kinda post type thing. It’s been a while since I had any urge to pick up my Mac and write a post for my blog so I thought I had best go with it and get out these things I‘m currently thinking so t buckle up for a lot of clumsy sentences - it’s been a while.

Alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

So heres the deal. 2019 was ok. Like it wasn’t bad, nothing super bad happened for this year to branded “the worst year of my life. ever” I’ve never had a year like that, one that I couldn’t wait to see the back of. It’s just 2019 I’ve felt really meh about everything. I’m not sure what brought it on, is year long burn out a thing where you literally CBA to do anything? I feel like all year, everything I did was such an effort and I wasn’t enjoying myself, so I just stopped doing stuff. I wasn’t as motivated. I very much coasted through 2019. I did’t set any goals, I didn’t get that new year excitement I usually get for a fresh start a new year brings and I don’t really think I did anything I’m really proud of until the end of the year. I know you don’t need to be doing huge things to warrant something a success but idk. Nothing gave me the sense of achievement feeling. I feel like I was just bored of everything, stuck in a rut perhaps. I think the biggest thing however was that I wasn’t ready to let go of 2018 - a year I can quite confidently say was one of, if not the best years of my life.

Alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

I didn’t do a run down on social media of all the things I’ve done and achieved this year, its something I always do and enjoy doing, its kind of a therapeutic recap and sets the scene for what I want from the next year. I just didn't want to do it this year. So instead I’m going to list [it's been a while since I did a list] of some of the things I did in 2019 and what I want from 2020 - what a treat for you all right?

1) Went on my first PR trip out of the country with a brand. This one was pretty wild and I really enjoyed it. James and I went to Amsterdam with Toms for an event and had an incredible time, an opportunity I’ll forever be grateful of. A great way to start off the year.

2) Getting to work with h&m. When it comes to my blog nowadays, things are a lot more quieter then they used to be, it was something that really bugged me but now I’ve just accepted it. So not only was I thrilled to be asked to go away with a brand, I was bloody pumped to get an email from h&m asking me to work with them on a 3 month contact. Absolutely wild and made me think that perhaps I wasn’t old news and not relevant anymore. 

3) Improving at pole. 2019 was my best year for pole, I feel like my confidence grew and I wasn’t afraid of trying new and tricker moves. It’s all about practice and patience, I can’t wait to get back to my weekly classes and see what I achieve this year.

4) Keeping up with the gym. I’ve been going 3-4 times a week now since January last year and I bloody love going. It’s a great place to relive stress and keeps anxiety at bay. I feel like exercise is really good for my mental health. 

5) I got a new job. Heres the thing, I used to love my job whole heartedly I really really did. I had a marketing job in the fashion sector, I had basally struck gold. But the last few months at my old place took a server nose dive and I needed out and fast. I managed to bag myself a new, better job and I couldn’t be more pleased. This was all I wanted for my old place. I’m excited to see where my new job takes me in 2020

Alternative fashion blogger foxxtailz

What I want from 2020/ What I want to make happen:

1) Going vegan from 1st January

2) Smash my 2020 pole goals I’ve set

3) Keep up with the gym and learn to do a pull up. I’ve got myself a PT for the first time ever, something I’ve always wanted to have. Pretty stoked I’m able to do so

4) Get my hair long and healthy, no more snapped one side

5) Read 100 books

6) keep saving for a house

7) Buy less crap

8) Get more tattoos

9) Get over my fear of flying

10) Go to Tokyo

11) Eat better foods

12) Make more time for myself, no more weekend after weekend of doing things and not making time to chill out and do nothing.

You know guys, I think I’m getting excited for this year . . . . 

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