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If you’ve been a long time reader of, follow me on Instagram or have me on one of my other various social media channels, you will know I am OBSESSED with Japan. To the point where I am homesick for a country I’m not even from [is that even a thing?!]. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Tokyo twice and currently planning my third trip for my 30th. My heart has well and truly been stolen by one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to.
The last trip I made was just over four years ago and I took so many pictures, I wanted to have the trip well documented as I had no idea when I would be able to head back, I wanted to remember as much as possible of it - four years on and I still do.

Since the iPhone and other smart phones have given us the ease of snapping pretty decent pictures, I’ve been really guilty of 1) keeping my actual camera at home 2) not printing my pictures off. It’s so easy to shoot and snap and not really do anything with the beautiful pictures you have captured. I was super guilty of this with my Japan pictures, I uploaded a few to Instagram and Facebook but that was it. I never think to print them off and display them. has a whole heap of ways you can print and display pictures, from canvas print to blankets. Uh-huh BLANKETS! Which is exactly what I chose to do.

I selected a few of my favourite pictures from my last trip to Japan and created a collage for a photo blanket of my own 200x150cm blanket and awaited excitedly to see how it would look when it arrived. I can 100% say I wasn’t disappointed - my treasured memories were now displayed beautifully on a super comfy and cosy photo blanket for me to keep forever. Another excellent way to display your memories. AND as it's the season, a really great gift for one of your loved ones. The quality is out of this world, in both how the pictures are printed and the quality of the blanket itself 1000000/10 would recommend doing something like this with pictures of your own.