The Skincare discovery Kit with Tropic Skin

This post includes products gifted in exchange for a review but all opinions are 100% my own

I keep dabbling in skincare. With the big 3 0 approaching rather quite rapidly, I keep meaning to lock in a skin care routine but I’m honestly at a loss with which products are a must and which ones are just a big old hype. The main criteria with any product however, they 100% must be cruelty free. I start with all good intentions, moisturising, toning, cleansing all that jazz and then after a week or so I just go back to my Primark make up remover cloth and some face scrub - not the best.

The lovely Lorna dropped into my DM’s around a month ago asking if I’d like to try out some products from Tropic. I’d heard of them in passing but that was the extent of my knowledge of the brand. The main thing that sold me was that everything was vegan and cruelty free - a big yes from me.

I wanted to give all the products a test drive for a few weeks before I share my thoughts and experience with the brand. 

Lorna sent me out a little “starer pack” It had everything I needed in it to ease me in a skin care routine. The first product was a smoothing cleanser that even after the first use, left my skin feeling super soft. It’s been particularly handy the last week or so with the weather getting a lot colder and drying out my face, I also used the bamboo cloth with the cleanser. The second product and definitely my hero product was the toner - it was so light and refreshing and smells really good.

The moisturiser was also another goodie. I’ve only in the past year started using moisturiser on my face. After having super bad acne in my teens, I hated putting anything too heavy on my face in fear that it would just break me out. This one however was the complete opposite, like the toner, it was super light and refreshing with my skin happily absorbing it. Lastly, I tried out the super green nutrient boost oil - this one with my aforementioned fear I was a little scared to try out but the oil was lush and not too heavy for my skin. 

The last few weeks I’ve been trying out these products my skin has been very happy, the break outs have been kept at bay and my skin actually feels good and plump for once? 10 points to you Tropic skin care. If you would like to find out more hit up Tropic_Ell


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