Weekly round up #20 the one where I go to my second home for weekend

It’s nearly been a month since I’ve updated my blog - whoops my bad, I’ve just been incredibly busy to the point where I’ve had to sacrifice the couple of hours a week I spent writing and scheduling   posts, well that’s if I kept to my old posting routine. I haven’t even been able to find a spare hour just to edit and write my weekly round up.

Without sounding wanky, I’ve been “booked and busy” lol I always think that expression sounds badass but when I’ve used it to describe myself in that way I just sound fully like a wanker. But yep, the entirety of August has been crazy in both work and blog life, I’m a little stressed and fully stretched but it’s good. I’m fully planning on not doing ANYTHING the last weekend of August just to give myself a break. I’m talking wearing jammies and not leaving the flat until I have to again on Monday morning. 

So last week. I got to work from home on Friday which is always nice, I enjoy escaping the office even once in a while. The same day I got to have a working lunch with a PR brand for a collab [hopefully] in the not too distant future then after I’d clocked off for the week, I headed off to get my hair refreshed and trimmed ready for a weekend in London.

I’d arranged to spend an actual weekend in London rather than staying for a few hours and then rushing off to get my train home. The trip had been a month in the making so we really decided to take advantage of the time together. Kitty very kindly said I could crash at hers for the weekend which was rad and we had plans to meet up with Vicki and Em for a full on day of hanging out. First on the agenda was to grab breakfast, I’d arrived in London pretty early so we decided to get brunch at visions canteen. I got a super bougee avocado on toast thang which was lushhh. One of the reasons I was in London was because I had been invited to Not Another Salon to try out the new FOAM INNOluxe treatment. Like legit guys my fringe felt fried and after the treatment it felt healthy and LOOKED shiny. My hair SHINED. It never shines lol. 

After my hair resurrection we headed off to Vida to get the best vegan cake everrrr. Last time I got the infamous rainbow cake but this time, I went for the lemon curd cake, lemon curd is like one of my fave things in the world. After sufficiently stuffing my face, we checked out several vintage stores and then headed to junk yard golf. I bloody love JYG - I went for my birthday this year so it was great to head back again. For food later on we paid Vurger a visit. I don’t like pasta but their Mac and cheese is the bombbbb.

And that was just Saturday . . . .

So, Sunday. Kitty and I woke up earlyish and headed to Camden to bulk shoot some shots cos ~blog lyf~ After that I had been practically been BEGGING her to take me to Cookies and Scream to check out the vegan treats on offer. The wait was worth it, I got this cookie dough pie thing and Kitty very kindly got me a cookie dough milkshake purely because she is a babe. We enjoyed our sweet treats in the dreamiest garden before it was time for me to set off home.

I feel that was a very quick fire of what I got up to. Apologies. I’m knackered. Life is busy and hard but really good. I have Leeds fest this weekend so after that round up, I’m hoping to go back to my old round ups where I share products and general tidbits. I have lots of tids and bits to share with y’all if you’ll let me.

Until next time XO

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