The one where it’s last weeks and this week round up cos I’m mega poop at getting these out on time

I’m a tired girl lately. A really tired girl that's more tired than usual [basically my constant state is knackered] and that’s why these weekly round ups ain’t as weekly as the title suggests. Sorry. I have two days to do life admin, chores, content creation for my millions of channels, reset, make time for friends, make time for James and make sure everything is ticking over nicely. So sometimes on a Sunday, when it comes to writing this, I just can’t be fucked. I want to share with you the highs and lows of my life on a weekly basis but sleep is more appealing yano?

This week I’ve managed to grab 30 mins to sit down and do a re-cap of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks as it’s been pretty good.

Last week, was my first week back at work after 9 days off, I went to London twice and also met my best friend's baby - a pretty good week minus being back at work [lol]
My first trip to London was on Tuesday to go to the Oliver Bonas AW19 show room with Vicki. Like guys, as soon as we got there I wanted to never leave and basically live there, each room was themed and glittery and just beaut. The new collections for both fashion and home were amazing - the clothes gave me all the primary school disco vibes, you know the ones, glitter from head to toe, kinda maybe got me excited for AW. . . .

Next up on the agenda was to head to B the agency to their gifting lounge for festival season. I have never been to a gifting lounge so this was a really fun thing to experience with Vicki. We got to have a look at pieces from a bunch of brands and pick out bits for festivals we're off to in the year which was crazy mad and so generous. 

Before I headed back for my train we headed out in search of food where Vicki found the most beaut Pizza place, bad blogger points for me as I can’t remember what it was called but it was so so good.

The following Saturday I was back in London to meet up with Kim, Charley and Kinga. I hadn’t seen them in forever and it was so good to catch up. We ended up just going to spoons for food and drinks and just the whole time basically putting the world to rights -this was after we got to see Charley's actual face on the southwark station. Before I went home, Charley took us down the rainbow light tunnel at Kings X where she got some really fun pictures.

This week has been another busy one. I’ve really been hamming up my fitness classes and trying to push myself more in them - it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve noticed a change in my mental state after I’ve worked out, those endorphins have really helped with a more positive and settled mood. 

This weekend, I spent the Saturday hanging out with James, I hadn’t seen him much through the week as he went to visit his friend in Plymouth. In the evening we went to check out the Vegan egg dish at Wagamama’s, I’d been dying to try it for ages. It was ok, I wasn’t a huge fan of the seitan. James also tried and we both agreed we probably wouldn’t get it again. Today I went to Manchester to see Christina to do a shoot - legit had such a good day having out and creating content. I'm really excited to get the pictures back. She found some really sick locations. We grabbed some food at Koffee pot and I of course grabbed a slice of cake from Home sweet home.

What else I’ve been loving 

  • Stranger things, we binged watched all 3 seasons in 3 weeks and I’m legit gutted its over
  • Embracing Harajuku style more, I’m currently trying to find what niche I like the most. 
  • Reading Tokyo Ghoul - super into reading manga again
  • Shane Dawson - I am obsessed with his channel
  • Insanity, I’ve always been scared to try the class out now it's my fave one go the week

Until next time XO