How I spent 5 days in Paris


Seriously. It’s always rad getting to visit one of my fave cities but my lastest trip was one of the funnest I have been on. I’m currently knackered, a broken shell of my former self but the exhaustion I feel was totally worth it. It wasn’t until going through all my pictures for this post [sorry there are a lot of them] that I realised we had crammed in A LOT of stuff in the 5 days we were there.

How did we get there?

We got the train from Leeds to London and as I’m super scared of flying, we got the Eurostar to Paris. I really love travelling by Eurostar and find it super relaxing. Plus, it's super easy to navigate your way from the station in Paris to your hotel as it’s mega central.

Where did we stay?

I found an apartment/hotel type jobby about half an hour from the station by metro, even quicker by uber which we opted for frequently. We stayed at Odalys City Paris XVII which was ok, kinda looked way better in pictures. It was missing that cosy feeling with the painted cement floor and also had no air con which isn’t great when the weather was as warm as it was when we stayed. When we arrived the room smelt like pee. . . . we found the bathroom door had been left open. Once we shut it the smell seemed to go but still not ideal, the cleaners left it open whilst we were out so we were greeted by the smell every time we came back to the room after being out all day. The bathroom was fine just a bit grubby.  That was the overall feel of the room for me, not bad, just a little grubby. The trip for travel minus the train tickets to Leeds and hotel for James and I came to £500. 

Day one

Mostly this day was just travel. Our train to London left at 11.15am getting us into London at 13.30pm where we would meet Callum and Mitch and make our way to the Eurostar. The line for the EuroStar was crazy! I’d never seen it so busy and was low key panicking we’d miss it. We made it one time with legit like 3 mins to the original leaving time. I opted for wearing my Zara cycling shorts and a big old baggy T for comfort. We arrived to a very hot Paris and the bluest skies I’d seen in a while. After a rest at the hotel, a shower and a change of clothes, we headed out to find something to eat. 

I always find being a veggie in Paris hard. The area in which we were staying had very few options to go off. We ended up at a noodle bar where all options included meat. We asked if we could modify our choice and have the meat removed. Unfortunately a lot of our food choices for the week were not that adventurous and there were a lot of McDonalds consumed - something I don’t really do in the UK. After that we found a grubby bar and had a few cocktails. The server was really weird. When it came to paying the bill he did the oldest trick in the book and did that switching thing with notes to confuse you and make you not remember what notes you had handed over. After working it out later we realise he had stolen €14 from us - so annoyed I fell for something so stupid. He keep talking and switching notes around, making out he had given me €20 back when I’m sure it had only been €5. Arsehole. Hope karma gets you good.

Day two

Where did we go?

I think day two was my favourite day. We had booked to have an early morning site seeing cruise down the River Seine. The weather was again glorious with the most perfect blue skies. We only paid €7 each for the cruise, I felt it was well worth the money. The only problem is there weren't enough seats to sit everyone on deck. We were literally the last 4 on the boat so we had to stay below deck and not have the full experience. We still managed to see all the sites of Paris, the cruise was really enjoyable and it was really cool being able to pick out the famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame. Once the trip was over we waited to get off the boat. James had previously asked for a menu to look at drinks prices. Another staff member had taken it before hand. We were lined up near the bar and the women that James had originally got the menu from keep shouting “menu HERE” at him . . . . he kept trying to explain her colleague took it but she just kept shouting the same 2 words over and over at him and kept scowling over at us until we got off the boat . . . . bit odd. 

Next up on our agenda was to see the Eiffel Tower on the viewing observatory and basically take a ridiculous picture of it . . . . I mean when in France right? After lunch we wandered to the Champs-Elysees for a browse at all the bougee shops and to look at things wayyyy out of our budget. I stumbled upon Sephora and obviously I had to go in and take advantage of having one at my disposal. I should have really researched the brands better and picked up products from BECCA and Tarte [providing they’re CF] as we don’t have them over in the UK but I didn’t know what to get so I just stuck with what I know. We also popped into some shop [I have no idea what it was] that had F1 cars that you can take pictures with. James is a huge F1 fan [yep, my BF is all about the sports lol help me] so we stopped by so he could check those out. [James’ editing note: it was the Renault shop and it was awesome!]

Just before going home, we made our way across to the Arc de Triumph at the top of the Champs-Elysees as we didn’t mange to make the trip the last time James and I were in Paris so this was a first for him. No matter how many times I see this place I’m always blown away by the scale of it and of course the crazy 8 laned free for all round about thing that goes around it. Kinda low key like being driven around it as its pretty wild lol.

Where did we eat?

Paris is legit so so bad at catering for veggies. Luckily after spending time at the Eiffel Tower, James accidentally found a vegan pizza place called Happiz Pizza. I know right, a vegan place in Paris! The inside was so cute and the girl serving us was so so lovely. She gave us a little iPad type device for us to choose our sauce and toppings. I think our 2 pizzas and drinks came to just over €20 - not bad IMO. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a vegan bite to eat. Tea wise we decided to stay in, after the night before disaster with food and that twat bar man [I’m not bitter, you're bitter] and watch the woman’s World Cup match. Well I didn’t lol, James did. We stocked up on snacks from Lidl and ordered in from uber eats. Veggie options were slim pickings and I was craving something that wasn’t cheese so we opted for greek wraps. I ended up with a haloumi one despite not wanting more cheese and James got a falafel one. They were both loaded with salad so much and I didn’t feel like I was going to get scurvy from the lack of fruit and veg on my part.

What did I wear?

I’d checked the weather religiously every day before Paris and saw it was going to be hot hot! I knew the Tuesday was going to be one of the hottest days of the week so I decided to dig out my colourful TopShop playsuit/romper thing I snagged in the sale last winter [lol] and styled with a T-shirt underneath. I purely did this as I was worried my shoulders and back would burn despite me slathering on the factor 50+ I’m always keen for a bit of catering and thought this look was cute. I legit can’t stand having my hair down when it’s hot so I defaulted to my old faithful spaceman style and on my feet I wore my new LO x DM sandals. Lads I love them. I got A LOT of wear out of them this trip away. Lets just say they don’t look new anymore . . . .

Day 3

Where did we go?

Wednesday was another glorious day, a beaut blue sky with the odd cloud - perfection. We had pre-booked a trip to the Palace of Versailles before we got to Paris so that’s what was on the agenda for the third day. I had visited wayyyy back when I was like 21ish I think (?) and really enjoyed it and wanted to take James because I knew he would love it too. The Palace of Versailles was last inhabited by Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI of France before the French revolution. We got an Uber cos hashtag bougee after having to annoyingly go into the centre of Paris to pick up our tickets. We arrived and the view was stunning lads - Stunning with a capital S. Walking up to a golden gate then gold palace? Bougee AF - I think it's so wild people used to live like this. We started off by exploring the palace itself before going into the grounds. After the palace was stormed in the revolution, a lot of things from the place were taken but there were still rooms and rooms of beautiful artwork and furniture - we even got to see where the king and queen slept. 

The part I was most looking forward to was the grounds. There was a “play village’ made for Marie Antoinette which she thought was how the average person lived - a far cry from the reality. Now I will say this, everything is poorly signed posted, we spent a lot of time just wandering around trying to find where we wanted to go - in particular in the grounds. It’s quite a walk from the palace through the gardens so I’d advise comfy shoes/clothes and plenty of water. There is like a shuttle bus cart thing that you can take to the other side of the gardens but I feel like you need to pay.

Where did we eat?

McDonalds lol. Serisously, I’ve never eaten as much McDonalds in my life as I had the five days in France. In the morning before getting our tickets, we grabbed an egg McMuffin with no meat and then after taking hours to leave the palace we found another McDonalds in Versailles and had a Goat cheese wrap. Versailles seems like such a lovely place, if we'd have had more time/weren’t so knackered, I’d have loved to have explored it more.

What did I wear? 
I knew it was going to be another scorcher of a day and a lot of time on my feet so I planned for comfort. I HATE my hair on me when it’s hot-hot so I braided the back in French plaits. For my actual outfit I went for my mom shorts from Berskha - legit so bloody comfy and my LazyOaf top I got last summer in the sale. On my feet I went for my LazyOaf x Dr. Marten sandals and of course factor 50 applied every half an hour ;) 

Day Four

Where did we go?

Thursday and our fourth day was kind of a free day, as in we hadn’t booked or planned out anything to do. We decided to head over to the Louvre to start off the day. We got there quite late so if you want to beat the queues, then I would recommend going first thing. After queueing for around 20 mins to get in, we were told you have to buy tickets online. . . . something we didn’t know and something I’ve never had to do in the past when I’ve visited. We aborted the mission and just went for a wander and did some souvenir shopping instead. We found some really cute side streets, a thrift shop and a second hand book shop and took in the sights of beautiful Pairs in the summer.

Where did we eat?

lol, no guesses as to where we ate for lunch - like seriously the McDonalds thing got ridiculous but not as ridiculous as the lack of veggie options in Paris. . . . 
As it was our final evening we went to Hard Rock Cafe for our last meal - which I’ve never eaten at before, I kinda associate them with being on holiday or going on a trip somewhere. The prices are kinda steep but as we were on holiday it was a nice treat - not somewhere we’d go on the regular. I was surprised to see there was a Vegan option on the menu which is what both James and I went for, the moving mountains burger was SO. GOOD. I think they were around €17ish for the burger and a side of fries. It was also 2 for 1 on cocktails when we arrived, I opted for a gin fizz as apparently I’m having a gin moment. For both our meals and drinks it came to just under €50 which, I’m not mad at.

What did I wear?

So, I may or may not have had an outfit change this day lol. As we were in such a beautiful city, I wanted to use it to my advantage and get some cute shots for the ‘gram. I started the day in my neon dress I picked up in the Zara sale - the colour is so so gorgeous. Of course I wore my LO sandals again with it, legit all I wore all week. I later on changed into another Zara sale steal. The CUTEST summer day dress with a super sweet lime print all over.

Day Five

Where did we go?

With it being our final day, we didn’t have that much time to do any final exploring however, there was one place I still wanted and needed to go. Just before we headed off to the Eurostar station, we headed to the Moulin Rouge as this was another place we had never been. I’m kinda gutted we didn’t have more time just to explore the area as there are so many beautiful places near by. After that we literally only had time to take a quick snap and then walk to the station. 

What did we eat?

James and I pre-ordered the most glorious sandwich on Deliveroo the night before so we could take  on the Eurostar. I ate a beaut pastry the day before from Paul's and had that for breakfast - I was very pleased with past Jess’ food prep choices. 

What did I wear?

Traveling most of the day meant I was only interested in comfort. To travel to Paris I wore cycling shorts and a big baggy T - and I wore the exact same thing coming back except from on the way home I wore the tackiest/most cringe souvenir top home. All 4 of us bought dabbing Mona Lisa shirts and all 4 of us travelled home in them loooool

What did I buy?

Paris for me isn’t really a place where I shop shop. All the stores are mega fancy, lots of designer and that just aint’ my bag. Plus I didn’t want to spend money in stores that we also have back in the UK. However, whenever I’m in Paris I make sure I hit up Sephora and Undiz. 

In Sephora I picked up one of their sheet masks, a lip mask and watermelon lip balm [I’m a sucker for anything watermelon]. The sheet mask was divine and left my skin feeling really soft. Downside is I later found out Sephora’s own brand unfortunately isn’t CF when I could have sworn it was - I felt really bad I had spent money on products that willingly abuse animals but at least I know for next time. I also picked up the Kat Von D Lolita palette that was in the sale for €26ish euros - the colours are so bloody lush too! I kinda wish I had done some research before hand and picked up some cute beauty products but I just stuck to what I knew I liked.

Undiz I picked out the cutest Mulan jammies. I could do some serious damage in this store but for the sake of being sensible and not making my bank account cry, I reign it in and just made this single purchase.

Lastly, I picked up some cute Paris pins to add to my Zara pin jacket and an “I Love Paris’ patch.