The one wear I forget to do my weekly round ups and do a big May monthly round up instead

I really sucked at weekly round ups this month. I’m blaming the bank holidays we’ve had. I aim to do these on a Sunday night and with the bank holidays it kinda through me and I didn’t know what day it was. With missing 2 round ups in a row, I just decided to do one big monthly one for May before going back into doing them weekly and including more things that I’ve been loving etc.

So, question is: 

Are you ready for this big old May run down?

I didn’t actually think I’d done that much in May until I was gong through my pictures for this post and holy moly - I’ve packed a lot in, no wonder I’m knackered.

Theres been a lot of Vegan food, music, birthdays, blog events, London, seeing friends and a whole heap of fricking exciting blog related stuff. It’s been wild. A side from the weather being absolutely gash, this has been a rad month and I’ll try my best to recount it all - ain’t you lucky ;)

Actually you know what, I’m gonna list it out. Lists are good and I love me a list

  • Going to London for the Koi event and stuffing myself with Vegan food
  • More Vegan food
  • James’s birthday - which means more vegan food. I had a halloumi wrap holy heck and a rainbow cake
  • Going to Chesire to hang with James’ family
  • Seeing Lights for the first time in 4 years - twice
  • Having an absolutely wild month for my blog/Instagram
  • Signing a contract with H&M [legit what is my life]
  • Booking trips
  • Going back to London for a Clueless K-Swiss event
  • Getting back into running again
  • Slam Dunk!!!
  • Spending 90% of the month with my friends
  • Going to Garden Party festival and feeling 106 - also saw a girl hide drugs in her vag lol
  • Hanging out in Manchester 

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