AD | Rosa’s Thai Cafe Leeds

AD | Complimentary meal at Rosa’s Thai Cafe, all opinions are my own. I was under no obligation to create this post.


This post or shall I say photos will leave you feeling super hungry and craving a trip to Rosa’s.

10 years ago, at the tender age of 19 I visited Thailand, two Tuesdays ago my tastebuds were transported back when I visited Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Leeds. I have always loved Thai food and was super excited to try the new Rosa’s - situated at the top of Trinity in Leeds in a really cute location. The staff were super friendly and the atmosphere was fun and the decor was super dreamy. Sat at our table, I was so excited to eat some Thai food again. The menu was vast and had plenty of both veggie and vegan options for James and I to pick from as well as gluten free for any of my GF pals out there. 

We picked out our drinks first, James went for a lemony lemon and I had a Nam Manao. It was kinda like a lemon syrup drink - so refreshing and very, very sweet. I’m not usually a starter kinda gal, I like to save room for my main but I knew it would be a huge mistake not to try one of the starters on offer at Rosa’s. I went for summer rolls and James opted for sweetcorn patties - both Vegan. The summer roll was a soft rice paper roll with fragrant herbs, veggies and rice noodles served with a tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts. Unfortunately this one wasn’t for me! I love rice noodles and I love veggies and a lot of them but I think it was the fragrant herbs I just didn’t get on with. However, omg the sweetcorn patties were amazing. I could have eaten plates of the things! Sweetcorn and kaffir  lime leaves in red curry paste with Rosa’s Sweet chilli sauce on the side - delish!

Now for the main event, after studying the menu forever and trying to decide what to have for my main dish, I finally settled on an old classic, green curry and  James went for Rosa’s fried rice. We decided to mix and match what we had picked so we could try each others. James isn’t a big fan of tofu but he liked it in both my green curry and his fried rice. My dish was a creamy goodness with lots of veggies and tofu and James' was more or less the same but with soy sauce - both really bloody good.

Even though we were completely stuffed at this point, we couldn’t go this far into the menu and NOT get dessert, cos theres ALWAYS room for dessert yano? James got an actual scoop of ice-cream IN an espresso?! Legit the most perfect dessert for him and I went for a waffle with chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream on the side. I didn’t try James’ dessert as I’m not a coffee fan however James really enjoyed it. My waffle was chewy and soft and sweet and crispy all in one go, it was like dessert magic, the sauce and ice cream accompanied it perfectly.

Big love to Rosa’s for having us and letting us try out there new place in Leeds - we will defo be back!

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