Weekly round up #18 The one where I do all the things

Weekly round up #17 back on it . . . . kind of

Setting an unexpected precedent

Restless rambles and waiting for summer

Hey remember the sun? Nah me neither pals. I’m legit gutted we’re not having a summer as wild as 2018. I miss 2018 for a multitude of reasons, it was one of my fave years of all my 29 I’ve lived, I was truly sad to say goodbye to it on the 31st of December. The perfect summer, wild opportunities, …

AD | Rosa’s Thai Cafe Leeds

AD | Complimentary meal at Rosa’s Thai Cafe, all opinions are my own. I was under no obligation to create this post.
This post or shall I say photos will leave you feeling super hungry and craving a trip to Rosa’s.
10 years ago, at the tender age of 19 I visited Thailand, two Tuesdays ago …

AD | Finding the perfect finishing touches with Thomas Sabo & Peter Jackson

AD | This post in sponsored by Peter Jackson but all opinions are my own :)
Most people know, I’m a fan of jewellery. I always have at least one necklace around my neck at all times AND about a billion rings worn all at once. I feel extremely bare if not. Jewellery to me is the finishing touch to …

The one wear I forget to do my weekly round ups and do a big May monthly round up instead

I really sucked at weekly round ups this month. I’m blaming the bank holidays we’ve had. I aim to do these on a Sunday night and with the bank holidays it kinda through me and I didn’t know what day it was. With missing 2 round ups in a row, I just decided to do one big monthly one for May before …