Weekly round up #15 New hair, Bank Holiday and the arrival of summer

Whoops, kinda forgot it was Sunday yesterday with the bank holiday and everything, meaning I kinda forgot to do my weekly round up and by the time I realised this it was kinda late and I was enjoying just chilling out after another long day in the sun. Blog posts can wait, I’m not cutting living short. Better late than never right? So I’ve got a bank holiday round up for you as Monday - Thursday was a little lack-lustre. 

We seemed to have basically spent the last 4 days eating. 0 complaints from me but as I was going through my pictures, I noticed we spent a lot of time out in the city with happy tummies. Friday was the first day of the beaut weather - how lucky to have glorious sun on a 4 day break? I don’t know what we did to deserve this but thank you bank holiday gods. Friday I started my day with my last gym session of the week before heading home to get ready for a day in the city. As a lot of you may have noticed, we spend a LOT of our time in spoons lol. Basically cos it does a cracking and cheap Vegan burger and we’re skint 99% of the time.  We decided to pay our old fave the Belgrave a visit instead to mix things up a bit, you know, actually utilise the city we live in. The weather was gorgeous, we ended up sitting in front of the Belgrave where the windows had been opened up onto the street, I properly felt like I was on holiday, nice warm breeze, people watching and a gin and lemonade. For lunch we decided to try out the £5 vegan burgers and fries deal. James got a beetroot burger which was delish [he let me have a sneaky bite] and I went for a jackfruit affair, both glorious, would totally get again and again and again. We strolled around town and got an ice cream to cool down before we headed back where I chilled before my weekly pole class.

Saturday was a day I have been counting down to for at least a good month - I finally had my hair all refreshed! I had horrendous roots and had’t dyed my hair for a good month so as you can imagine it wasn’t looking its best, this was all in prep for my hair colour change. I went to Tint in Leeds, legit a 5 minute walk from my flat - talk about convenience. I loved the salon, the staff seemed friendly and Tom who did my hair worked absolute wizardry on it. He transformed my tired, faded pink and yellow half and half hair into a pastel pink affair complete with lilac fringe and also gave it a little trim. My hair is now back to the same length so I just need it to grow grow grow! I’m hoping by the end of the year it will be super long and swishy [providing I don’t go mad with the bleach and don’t break it all off . . . .]. Saturday James’ brother came over to stay with us for a few days. We ended up having MOD pizza for tea [James and I both got vegan ones] and headed back to the flat with full tummies and binge watched Lunatics and some Riverdale. BTW, I got to the singing episode but cringed so hard I had to skip it . . . . 

Sunday we found everything closed, like I knowww it was Easter Sunday but I didn’t expect the majority of Leeds to be shut, it was kinda surreal but also nice to see it so quiet. It was a very chilled day for us. James and I woke up early to do blog work and shoot before heading to spoons [lol told you we can’t keep away] for a cheap and cheerful lunch and a few gins. We came back to the flat and played the PS4, I edited, tidied around and spent some time on the balcony with Cassie before calling it a day . . . . I think I ate myself into an Easter egg induced coma and needed to lie down.

Sunday was so bittersweet, I was really sad it was the last day of the 4 day weekend and the good weather [back to rain tomorrow] BUT we had plans to spend the afternoon in Manchester. I had been sent a Treats For 2 complimentary message for Black Milk to try anything on the menu - being one of my favourite places in Manchester for a sweet treat you can bet I was pumped to go. First up we needed actual food food, James suggested the Koffee Pot after going with our pal Mike a few months ago. The inside was rad and the menu was pretty good too, catering for Vegans, Veggies and meat eaters. James had the Vegan brunch and I went for the Vegan breakfast tacos. They were good but I was kinda disappointed when they came out - they were so small and really not worth the £9 we paid for them which was kind of sad. James loved his breakfast and there was heaps of other stuff on the menu I’d like to try so will for sure be back. Black Milk was literally next door to The Koffee Pot so once we were done we hopped on over to claim our sweet treats. They had unfortunately run out of vegan Ice cream so James went for the Kinderella Milkshake which was a beaut kinder Bueno thang and I went for an Easter Sundae - literally a heap of ice-cream, cookie dough, chocolate and whipped cream all in a Cadbury Easter egg. I basically rolled out of the place. Afterwards we had a wander around Manchester, visiting out fave paces like traveling man and Aflecks before having a cheeky drink before getting the coach home.

Not a bad bank holiday eh?

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  1. These look so bloody good. I'm sure there's a Koffee Pot in Manchester too, shame you were disappointed by the tacos, they looked delish! Danielle https://www.missdanielle.com


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