Gudeama X Shoryu Easter pop up menu


Oh hey hi, how are you? I’m going to tell you about one of the dreamiest meals I’ve had in a long long LONG time, like re-living it to write this post is low key torture and had left me majorly craving a pumpkin croquette bun. . . . .

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Gudetama X Shoryu event in London which was a dream event for me because 1) Hello, I love everything Japan 2) Gudetama is one of my fave Sanrio characters [currently wearing Gudetama PJ’s whilst writing this looool] 3) I bloody love Japenese food [see point one] but I couldn’t make it cos train prices are ridiculous and unfair, I had work and I’m trying really hard to be more careful with my cash. Meaning no more spending £50+ on train tickets. Yes I know there's the coach but I took so many to London last year, I don’t think I can face another one anytime soon.

Anyway I digress, the guys at Sanrio gave James and I a PR pass for a complimentary meal at the Shoryu in Manchester [a coach ride I can stomach ;)] and you can bet I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out the set pop up menu for Easter. Veggie/vegans, don’t worry - they cater for us too ^_^ James and I are currently transitioning to a vegan diet from veggie with the end goal of fully vegan by the end of the year so not everything we had that day was vegan.

The set menu consists of a starter which is one of the yellow buns [note no vegan option] we had the veggie option which was the pumpkin croquette bun which had pumpkin croquette [obvs lol] iceberg lettuce, hirata sauce with Japanese mayo - omg how I bloody love Japanese mayo. One of my fave things ever from Japan means are the super soft buns, absolute sucker for them and this one did not disappoint. The main was a vegan [yay!] white natural ramen dish with tofu, shiitake broth and noodles. This is served with a Gudetama egg on the side, however they’re not vegan [goes without saying] nor veggie and they’re cooked in chicken broth - super cute though! To finish James and I had a mini salted caramel chocolate mochi ice cream. It's safe to say we were pretty full after the first 2 courses so it was nice to have a little sweet treat to finish it all off rather than being over faced with a big dessert after. This was all washed down with a mango ice tea - also included in the set menu, that came in the cutest cup that we got to keep after. With the set menu you also get a free gift of a Creightons limited edition chocolate bar.

Thanks to the guys at Sanrio and Shoryu for the yummiest meal. There's still time to try it out for yourself, the set meal is available until the 21st April 

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