Weekly round up #12 getting sick, booking Paris and seeing Panic! at the disco

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Before we get into this week's re-cap - how the fudge is it the last day of March already?! How is it April tomorrow? Actual madness lads.

I’m ill again, shock. I’m sick of catching everything that’s doing the rounds and I fully blame the office. Legit just a breeding ground for germs. I was having a good, productive week at work, getting my head around new processes and then on Thursday I had to go home from work and didn’t leave my bed until late Friday. I was only cooped up a day and a half but it felt like a lifetime, it’s safe to say I don’t think I would do very well if I had to work from home. The only time I had to venture out was to get my cervical screening done. I didn’t have the nicest experience when I had my first ever one so I was pretty nervous about having to go for my second one, I was absolutely dreading it. I had to cancel my first appointment as I came on literally on the day and then re-booked it for the end of the month. I have no idea why I worked myself up as it was absolutely fine - I think the worst part is the build up to it.

With being ill I missed out on a couple events, I was invited to check out the pop up Gudetama menu in London, however James and I can try it out in Manchester next weekend which I’m really, really looking forward to. We also missed out on a new food place opening in Leeds - I hate missing out on stuff when I’m ill. However, Saturday I was gifted a pair of tickets to go see Panic! in Manchester, I was gutted when I tried to get tickets and missed out on the pre-sale due to the site crashing and missed out again on the general sale. I felt super lucky to be given the chance to see the show and go to watch one of my favourite bands I’ve loved for nearly half of my life, scary when you say it like that! We decided to make an evening of it and had some food and drinks in Manchester [points if you guess where lol] before we headed out to the arena. I think I had the biggest smile on my face all through the show and I’ve made my sore throat worse from shouting along.

This week I also booked a trip to Paris! I’ve been DYING to go back since our last trip in 2015? I think. I can’t wait to head back to one of my fave cities in the summer for 4 nights.

As tomorrow is the first day of April, I want to set myself some goals, I want to at least read 4 books, not have any sugar [no birthdays or events getting in the way this time] and exercise everyday, be it a gym session, a work out on the Fiit app or some yoga.

Things I’ve loved this week:

  • lol I actually watched a film! James and I watched the live action Beauty and the Beast film and I loved it
  • I’ve been super into listening to audio books this week and I’ve been making my way through Harry Potter
  • The 3ina highlight palette I was gifted last year, I was sorting through my make up and re-discovered this gem. Such a pretty highlight
  • I’ve been using the Drops of youth bouncy sleep mask and camomile butter cleanser I got for my birthday last week - my skin is so soft and despite my monthly break out my skin is looking goooood
  • The blue skies and Leeds in Spring
  • Spring in general, it was nice to break out my spring wardrobe
  • Cassie, again lol
  • burning my candle from the candle pin club - I was gifted this a few weeks ago. I picked candy and it smells divine. I didn’t realise but there are surprise pins set in the wax. Once the candle is burned down in reveals a candle wrapped in foil, mine was a rainbow cake - very on brand 
  • James got me a pair of Buffalo shoes for my birthday and I’ve worn them any chance I could get since I got them, I’ve dreamed of owning a pair for the longest time.
Until nest week lads XO

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Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative fashion blogger Foxxtailz


  1. Ah I hope you're feeling better now! I bet P!ATD was amazing, everyone seems to have gone this last week or so and I'm so jealous! Good luck on your health/fitness goals, I'm on a kick myself and the no sugar/junk food is always the hardest. :)


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