Weekly round up #11 London, Pizza party’s and turning 29

Holy guacamole what.a.week. I feel like I’ve lived a million lives in one week. I am shattered and have spent a very deserved Sunday in clean jammies binge watching American Dad with James drifting in and out of naps and dreaming about the Chinese I’m going to get later for tea. So pumped James is finally into Chinese food after 5 years together. . . .

So, this week.
I only spent 2 days in the office, Tuesday I worked from home as I was heading off to London in the afternoon, ready for the Dotdigital summet on Wednesday where I got to listen to some motivational and interesting talks on marketing. I even bumped into the girls from Tatty Divine which was a nice surprise. Thursday was my birthday, I turned 29! I do freak out about my age and getting older and I’m low key panicking that I turn 30 next but, when the day actually came, I wasn’t really that bothered. I have a whole year until 30 and when I finally hit that age, nothing changes. I’m still me. It’s beginning to not be that scary anymore. I didn’t want to do the cliche “things I learnt’ in my XX years” birthday post, but the older I’m getting, the more I’m starting to realise things and settle. 
  1. The older you get the less of a fuck you give - truly it’s like a big old epiphany 
  2. Your time is precious, do not waste it on things you don’t want to do or people you don’t vibe with
  3. There’s nothing wrong with ending a friendship that you needed out of,  it doesn’t make you a bad person
  4. Some people really don’t change, all you have to do is move on
  5. Things do have a way of falling into place
  6. Age really just is a number
  7. There's no deadline for achievements 
  8. Once you stop sweating the small stuff, you’ll live a happier life
For my actual birthday, James and I headed off to Manchester create some content, when I feel like I need a kick up the butt creatively, Manchester for me is one of the best places I find I can really charge my creative batteries. Once that was taken care of, we of course headed to V Rev for some yummy vegan eats. We both went for hot dogs and a side of fries. With it being my birthday I wanted some bougee AF dessert, so we headed off to Black Milk. You can legit get an edible bowl from there when you get cereal - utter madness! I had a cookie dough ice cream sandwich and holy fuck it was INSANE - I could hardly move after! Before heading off back to the coach, we had a little wander around the shops, I stopped by my fave plant place and, with my birthday money, bought some new editions to take home with me. I got 4 plants for £14 - well stoked with that.

The weekend, I had planned to go to junkyard golf and get pizza after - nothing screams 29 like playing mini golf and getting pizza after. When we got there, I didn’t bring any bloody ID with me and got ID’d . . . .  I‘d be flattered if I wasn’t so annoyed, FYI lads if you wanna play, make sure to take your ID! After the aforementioned minor blip, we all had such a good time on the golf course, I already want to go back. After pizza we had a couple of drinks and headed back home as ya gals old and needed some sleep. Not a bad way to spend your birthday hey?

Things I’ve loved this week:

  • Vegan cream eggs, can’t stop, won’t stop eating them
  • My Karl Largerfeld bracelet I was gifted last week, I’ve not taken it off since it arrived
  • DM’s - I may or may not have bought another pair . . . . whoops
  • Shay and Blue Light Mandarin scent I was gifted from Fashion Week last year, it smells so good!
  • I was also gifted a rad chain from Steeltooth, I’m all about adding chains to everything ATM
  • I got a cute new top from Zara because it made super excited for spring
  • I’m currently reading Renegades by Marissa Mayer, she also wrote Hearltess and the Luna series, I’m really enjoying it so far this week
  • Having birthday cake for breakfast
  • Spending quality time with my ride or die pals
  • Cassie, for just being super adorable all week
  • Sebastian Professional hair mask, my hair had legit never felt so good! 

Until next time pals XO

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