Weekly round up #10 forever tired, burlesque and abandoned Mushroom farms

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Hello lol I’m tired again so please bear with me if the post seems a bit clunky and disjointed in places, I am well and truly ready for some sleep after a hectic week ready for another super hectic week next week. Joy.

I don’t know why but this week I was just super tired and spent 99% of it trying [and failing] to stay awake. I reallllly could do with some time off to just recharge but unfortunately, ya gal has 2 holiday days to last her until July, so it looks like I’m just going to have to fumble through until I can get some proper time off from everything and just relax. Legit can’t wait to sleep for a week.

This week James and I have taken our first steps in transitioning to being Vegan. We did our first food shop and we’ve been sticking to it pretty well all week. The plan is to eat everything non-Vegan in the house as we don’t want to waste food but anything that we’re buying is Vegan. I’ve even found a shop in town that has freaking Vegan creme eggs AND rocky road. The rocky road is legit one of the best things I have ever eaten.

I had a pole breakthrough on Friday, it was my year anniversary at my new studio and I managed to learn 2 moves, one of them being my arch nemesis: the superman. I had a totally eureka moment and got the move nailed. I’ve felt for a while I’ve been hitting a brick wall when it comes to pole but during my lesson on Friday I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. I also managed to nail a brass monkey - I couldn’t even hold myself long enough on the pole to enter the move but by the end I finally got it - a very happy Jess.

This week I had a few wild emails, one being asked if I would like something from the new Karl Lagerfeld SS19 jewellery collection. I picked out the most beaut bracelet - I never thought I’d be able to say I got gifted something from Karl Lagerfeld but here we are. Blogging really is absolute madness. 

Saturday, we headed off to the WetSpot to see some wicked burlesque for my friend Pip’s birthday, legit my face HURT so much from laughing, the acts were incredible and the host so so freaking funny! Sunday I headed back to Selby to get a carvary with my friends and walked the hounds round the mushroom farm, it’s this cool abandoned place full of graffiti. This year I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to hang out with my friends and make more time for them - after all, they’re the most important people in my life so I want to spend as much time as I can with them.

Things I’ve loved this week

  1. Gingham. I’m super, super into gingham at the moment and basically will be living in it when summer rolls around
  2. My docs - I’ve finally broken the bastards in and have not taken them off my feet all week
  3. Blink, I’ve been having a bit of a Blink 182 binge at the moment and have been loving re-living my youth 
  4. Ru Paul’s drag race - holy fuck I’m so happy thats back!
  5. Fiit - It’s a work out app that has like video classes you can take part in! They’re super good if you CBA to go to the gym but still want to do a work out

Until next week lads - I’m off to sleep XO 

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Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz


  1. I love your DMs! I have so many pairs that I still need to break in!


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