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Ok real talk lads I’ve been proper procrastinating this post and was so close to sacking if off cos I’m sleepy and cold but like I didn’t want to fail on the 5th week. Sometimes my Lazy butt knees a kick. I’m either go go go doing all the things or basically hibernating and hiding - there is no in-between. When it’s cold and I’m sure like most people, I find it difficult to be motivated to do anything ESPECIALLY this weekend holy moly has it been COLD lads. I’m ready for winter to fuck off now, bring me that SUN, saying that though I’m kinda freaked that were in February already, the month of 2019 done.  How was it for you? After starting off a bit quiet and meh my month ended on a bit of a high. My Amsterdam trip is finally booked and confirmed and I’m heading off to one of my fave cities again with James for the first time in years. If you have any suggestions of where I shall check out please let me know ^_^ I also landed a pretty sweet collab on Friday and I’m pumped to share it with you all. Thank you blogging gods for bringing this my way.

This week has been a bit a contrast to last week’s fun in London. I spent most of it at work [shock] and the gym and trying to keep warm. I’ve decided in February [cos I failed so spectacularly in January, I blame London] to cut refined sugar again. 3 days and the struggle is real. This weekend James and I had a wonder into a frosty Leeds and went to spoons for a Panini, it’s become a bit of a sleepy routine to get us out of the house, we also stopped off in WaterStones, I bloody love just wandering around in there making a metal note of all the books I wanna add to my TBR pile.
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz

Things I’ve Loved this week

  1. Alpro soya chocolate dessert pots - I can’t stop and won’t stop eating them. [Disclaimer, pretending they don’t have refined sugar in them]
  2. The Naturally radiant skin care collection from Superdrug. I’ve finally started and kept to a skincare routine. This range has kept my breakouts at bay AND they’re Cruelty free too :) 
  3. I heart make up Revolution sent me a surprise package of their new palettes! This weekend I’ve been using the Dragon pigment Palette. Consider me obsessed.
  4. The blue sky. Winter is tolerable when there are crisp blue skies
  5. The Ted Bundy Tapes. Ok perhaps not love but I gave it a watch on Netflix to se what the crack was and I have so many questions about the whole thing. Mainly like, why on earth did people get obsessed with him and why did the judge make those distasteful comments after the sentencing? The guy was a serial murderer/rapist? 
Alternative Fashion Blogger FoxxtailzAlternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger FoxxtailzAlternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz

Things I’ve read this week

Bit of a slow burner this week as I only finished one book and still continuing with China Rich Girlfriend. 
  1. The chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I was super obsessed with the Netflix series and bloody loved this comic. Theres some cameos to watch out for too.
5 stars on good reads

Until next week lads XO

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