Weekly round up #3 wall art, too much exercise and walks around Roundhay park

You know I was a bit worried about this weeks post, I’ve legit done nothing but complain about being cold, feeling disappointed and being in a perpetual state of exhaustion - I told you, January and me aren’t pals and it seems to be the month the streches out the longest. Why can’t summer feel like forever? Why does it have to be boring January that stretches until the end of time? Answers on a postcard or whatever.

TBF the beginning of the week started off pretty rad, me and my work BFF [much to his dismay, our friendship not the wall] Graham did a little thing for our newly refurbished canteen. I say little, it’s actually not, it’s an 18ft freaking wall mural we created together. We went downstairs to have a sneaky peak and it was pretty sick to see it up on the wall finished and everything. I took some shots and Graham being the design wizard he is made it into pretty cool wall art. I made him do a victory pic, to add more to his dismay. He’s my pal really . . . . I hope.

And then the gloom came. To be truthful I’m not good. These post that I’m doing I want them to be unfiltered and truthful and the unfiltered truth is that I’m having a bit of a shit time and its mainly due to outside factors and people having an effect on the positive frame of mind I’m trying to have in 2019. I’m kinda done with being spoken to like a child and I’m done with only being hit up from people when they want something from me, it’s really draining. Instead of letting it go I’ve actually done something about it, Feng shuied my life or whatever waiting to welcome in those post vibes with open arms. One thing that makes me feel good is exercise. Legit if it wasn’t for running I would have a hard time coping with bullshit people bring. This week I was full swing back to doing my 3 sessions a week + pole - however my body feels a lil bit broken, but like in the good broken way where you know you’ve pushed your body and you're making steps to getting it stronger - so swings and round about I guess lads.

This weekend has been a mixed bag. Saturday started out productive, I cleaned the entire flat from top to bottom to then be ready to create all the content for the week ahead. Everything that could have gone wrong did, flat batteries, broken tripods and unfocused shots. I decided to call it a day and hibernated on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon whilst I  read. I think all that stuff was just the universes way of telling me to stop and rest and I’m glad I did. Sunday was beaut. James has been in Hull and so I spent the day with my fam having a walk around one of my old fave haunts as a kid Roundhay park. I haven’t been their in ages and it was good to just get out and away.

Things I’ve loved this week:

1) Ear weights - why didn’t I get on this hype sooner?
2) Green Tartan, yep that’s right I bought yet ANOTHER pair of tartan pants and what?
3) reading, but we knew that already
5) This Instagram account
6) YOU - it’s so fucked but I can’t seem to stop watching it, I’ve ordered the book too! [see point 3] Can we also stop comparing it to GG? Legit not the same thing.
7) My LazyOaf coat - I am essentially living in it and that’s ok

What I’ve read this week:

Ok so I only have 2 to share as I was finishing up on Evermore [5 stars on Goodreads BTW] but I’ve super enjoyed this weeks reads.

1) #GirlBoss was a goodie to revisit. I like reading books like this when I’m out of sorts and it reminded me I am capable of doing whatever the hell I set my mind to. It’s a goodie to give yourself a bit of a kick up the butt.
 5/5 good reads rating

2) Gossip girl Book 9, I am so into this series. I LOVED the programme and can’t get enough of the books. Their a good one to get lost in and an easy read. I’m still reading this one and as expected, so far it’s not disappointed.

Until next time lads, I’m off to dye my hair. Next weeks post should be more chipper, I’m heading to London for a few days XO

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  1. That wall mural is so cool, I wish I worked anywhere near as awesome as that. I'm really enjoying these roundups, I always love just having a read through your blog so I'm always excited to see what you're going to post next. Also, first time viewing your made over look on web version and I love the new blog design! :)


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