Weekly Round Up #2 Surprise post, blogger invites and my fave city

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WHAT.A.WEEK Christmas well and truly feels like a binge eating blur after the longest week known to man holy moly. One of my 2019 ~resolutions~ if you will is to live each day at a time and not to wish my life away - but I was well ready for the weekend and so God damn happy when Friday FINALLY rolled round. It’s been a week lads, it’s been a week. My inbox is still empty AF [mega lol low key panic setting in] so I have nothing to report on that front, but what I CAN tell you about is the super wholesome weekend I had.

Friday was my first pole lesson of 2019 and I was a little apprehensive. I’d sacked off exercise for 2 weeks over Christmas and had only just got back into my 3 times a week routine - I felt super out of shape. I find with pole, even if you miss one lesson it can really set you back - or in my case I find it does. However, I managed to smash out my best superman yet - my pole nemesis. Emily spotted me into it but that’s the straightest one I’ve ever done. Now to perfect getting into it smoothly on my own.

Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz

 Saturday James and I had the loveliest day in Manchester, I’m usually heading off here, there and everywhere without him but it was nice to be going somewhere for the day with James too. Manchester is one of my favourite cities to visit, the dream would be to have my own flat down the Northern Quarter, eat at Vegan places each day and buy and consume cake slices bigger than my head - moving there would of course have detrimental effects to my waistline but who would care when you’re living in one of the coolest places in the country!? Basically we did just that, as soon as we got off the coach we headed to the NQ, shot a bunch of blog content that I was super chuffed with and then headed to V Revolution for some Vegan eats. I’m super into Mac and Cheese at the moment - I used to have bad connotations with eating pasta but I’m starting to introduce it back into my diet. The one at V Rev was soooo good. James got a "Barbecute without the E" burger and we got loaded fries to share. We practically rolled out of the place we were so full. Afterwards I stopped by Home Sweet Home to get some cake - I can’t go to Manchester and NOT get cake from there - thems the rules lads. After we finished stuffing our faces we had a wander around some shops where I picked up a beaut dress for summer in the sale, however when I got home the zip broke :(

Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
We hopped back on the coach just as it started to rain - Lord knows how we avoided that with Rain City. When we got back home we decided to grab a drink in spoons that then turned into a pitcher of Long Island Ice tea, then another and then another . . . . thank you Spoons Gods for doing pitchers of cocktails for £6.10 - you the bomb. The rest of the weekend has been spent doing boring adult crap like deep cleaning the flat and sorting my clothes out for the 29003282938th time. With a flat as small as ours, you have no choice but to keep organising and down sizing your belongings.

What I've read this week

Wabi Sabi: A fun little book James’ parents got me for Christmas. It helps you curate your perfectly imperfect life the Japanese way. The book itself is gorgeous and gave me some good insight on not being so hard on myself. I’ve got a little blog post coming up about Wabi Sabi-ing you’re life - watch this space lads, literally.
4/5 Goodreads rating

The Handmaids Tale

What.the.fuck. After I had read this book I had to google what the heck I’d just read. I just felt like I’d been kept in the dark the entirety of the book - unless that was the point? I just didn’t get what was going on most of the time and it wasn’t until later on in the book you kinda started getting it? IDK, it made me feel weird.
3/5 Goodreads rating


I’m currently still reading this but so far I am LOVING it and have devoured this! I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the evening. It’s the second book in the series[?] and I’ve been excitedly awaiting it’s release since reading Everless. I love me a YA story.

Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz

Things I’ve loved this week

1) Make up Revolution Pore Blur, ya gals got the HUGEST pores and I’m always on the quest to find something to shrink those batboys, this stuff does not disappoint.

2) Queen by Nicki Minaj, legit had that album on repeat this week, next week looks more or less the same too.

3) This post by Vix, oh It’s a goodie

4) Illamasqua’s Elemental Palette - even though it’s more earthy tones I’ve really loved using - legit still can’t believe they sent the whole collection last year, IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

5) Converse, I’m so happy I finally after meaning to do so picked up a pair, they haven’t left my feet since they arrived

6) Getting a surprise package from Punky Pins in the post of their new Valentines day collection - what babes! I always seem to receive surprise in the post from them when I ‘m feeling a little out go sorts

7) Getting my first blog invite through the post?! And on a freaking chocolate bar - so cool!

8) Brush Cotton Jammies 

Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz

Until next week pals XO
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  1. Sounds like you've had a fab week! I'm a huuuge Mac 'n' Cheese lover - I could legit eat that along with Mozzarella dippers for the rest of my life!

    Kayla | www.kaylajayne.co.uk


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