Weekly round up #1: Resolutions, vegan sausage rolls and stolen parcels

Well would you look at that, the first week of 2019 done and dusted. If I was to rate it I would give it a 3/5. The first week back to reality is always the hardest after the Crimbo limbo, waking up in a delirious state at 1pm everyday not knowing where you are, who you are or what day it is, only wearing jammies, sometimes branching out into lounge wear [glorified jammies] and eating an entire tin of quality streets for your breakfast. Then as soon as the first day back to work comes round we have to enter the normality of life kicking and screaming - thank the lord this week was only a 3 dayer - I dread my first full one starting tomorrow. I usually think up of a whole heap of things I need to do in 2019 to better myself but this year I’m kinda happy with me. So instead it’s just a case of keeping pace with what I’m already doing, staying in my own lane and smashing those goals. Oh also, I’d really like abs. Speaking of which, I managed to get back on my 3 times a week routine at my gym but had to skip pole Friday. I had THEE worst headache that just wouldn’t shift and well, I don’t think hanging upside down feeling like that would do me any good.

The first week of 2019 was a bit of an eventful one wasn’t it lads? Greggs launched their new Vegan sausage roll which caused a mass break down - I hope Damon is doing ok. Me and my work pal G set out to find one of these mystical meat free rolls in Bingley and were stunned to find such a teeny place actually catered to the Vegan palette - what fun! 19191/10 would binge eat again.

Amongst the Vegan sausage roll I’ve also been loving but not exclusively this week:

1) Better then Sex mascara by Two Face - I actually have eyelashes now
2) Carrots and Hummous. I think I’m going to turn into a carrot 
3) Eating a jar of olives a day
4) My Unicorn Onesie 
5) Naps with Cassie
6) Pot noodles 

Usually, my inbox in January leaves little to be desired, the beginning of the year is such a lull for me, like legit I think everyone hates me and I’ll NEVER get blog work again and I do this whole self loathing thing until March time when it starts to pick up a bit, but would you believe it I got an invite to a blog event to one of my fave brands in London at Eat By Chloe. I just need payday to hurry it’s but up so I can sort travel without having to sell a kidney in order to afford an extortionate train fare. Speaking of which, am I showing my age that I’m super excited to get my hands on one of these 26-30 train cards? Like, once I get one it’s going to mean traveling to London will be a lot less painful for my credit card.

As I’ve wanted to ease myself into the week I’ve been doing a lot of slow living. Finding time to chill out and read. Actually, last year I didn’t make enough time for myself to read, this year I’ll be making sure I set aside a couple of hours a day sit down with a good book. I've already made a dent in my good reads challenge and read 3 really freaking great books. The first was "The New Fashion Rules" by In the Frow, Second “The Crimes of Grindelwald" and lastly "Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and other lies". I found "The New Fashion Rules" and “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink" to be super inspiring and left me feeling I can take on anything in 2019.

For Christmas, I essentially got a whole new wardrobe which I’m finding myself LOVING (and I mean being sad when I have to take my new stuff off for jammies, which must mean something as I love jammies and I love being in Jammies). James got me a blazer for Christmas, not something I would usually pick out for myself and I’m surprised at how much I actually love it. I’m a very casual dresser and something like a blazer makes me feel like fake fancy but for whatever reason, I just can’t get enough of this one. Top marks Jim Jam. He also got me a rainbow leopard print jumper that is legit the fluffiest thing ever and matches my new fluorescent hair. Super bright clothes are my jam and make me happy. I think the ultimate thing that I’m lucky enough to own and that has graced my wardrobe is my Lazy Oaf bright yellow leopard print coat my mum got me. I saw it on ASOS for £190 - I shit you not lads, I love Lazy Oaf but come ON. I got all giddy when I saw it had gone down in the sale to £90 and my momma very kindly got me it for Crimbo. Gutting however as Hermes thought it would be a swell idea to leave the ASOS bag outside my door and some scumbag in my building nicked it. Cunt.

So this week for my fellow content creators I’ve been LOVING Lucy’s feed Instagram.com/lucyj.nes SUCH a glorious feed, with beautiful photos documenting her time in New York. It's seriously making me want to forget my fear of flying and book a trip post haste out there. Also can we talk her outfits? Lass has got serious styleeee I tell you.

My fave photo of the week is from none other than the camera wizard herself Kaye Ford, I absolutely freaking LOVE Kaye’s self portraits she does and this one is hands down my fave of hers she has done yet. Instagram.com/fordtography p.s love the new fringe lass <3

I’m kind of a shit blogger when it comes to setting aside time and actually reading other blogs which is something else I very much want to change in 2019. So this week I sat down and caught up with a few of my fave blogger babes. My fave post this week is from my goth gal Robyn. I loved reading her 2018 outfit round up and it’s very much inspired me to do something similar myself. My fave months for Robyn were April and October - she is after all the queen of Halloween. 

Until next week pals XO
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  1. I have been loving the Better then Sex mascara by Too Faced for a good while now. I picked up the smaller version off ASOS for £10 to treat myself and try it out. I have to say its the BEST thing I've ever done!

    Kayla xo


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