Using coloured contacts for the first time review

Alternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contacts
 AD ***This post is sponsored by coloured contacts but as always the words and opinion in this post are 100% my own :)

Ok so I have in the past dabbled in trying to use contacts, but I’m gonna say that experience didn’t count as it was a straight up disaster. I did so on one halloween which was an absolute nightmare. I could only get one of them in and that took a good 30 minutes of furiously swearing and sweating off half my make up and vowed never to attempt it again because it had been SUCH a pain the last time I had done it. 

But as per, the vow of never touching contacts again didn’t last very long. . . .

You see, I have this thing for anything and everything Kawaii and my fashion choices are heavily inspired by Tokyo street fashion so I kind of wanted to venture into wearing coloured contacts to reach my anime aesthetic of dreams but didn’t know where to start. I’ve heard some horror stories about contacts, about them being uncomfortable and about what could happen if you didn’t buy from a reputable place etc and honestly that also put me off ever wanting to try them again too. 

I was asked if I’d like to review some coloured contacts from the guys at Coloured Contacts. After checking them out, the thing that sealed the deal for me was how big they were in safety when it came to using coloured contacts. They provided a tip sheet of do’s and don’ts on how to use the contacts correctly and safely that you can find easily on their website which I found super reassuring and erased any doubts I previously had.  

Alternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contacts

When the contacts arrived, NGL lads, I got a little nerve-y before application, after all you're sticking something in your eye and I was praying I wouldn’t have the same experience I did last time trying to use them. The first set of contacts I chose were a deep violet colour that you can find here, I wanted to go for a non-natural colour - I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to go all out. The application was an absolute DREAM! I made sure to read the instructions provided with my first set of contacts, so I understood the process of application and then the removal. I broke the sliver safety seals on the bottles, made sure I had cleaned my hands before and put the contact in using my index finger whilst using my middle finger to gently pull down my bottom eyelid. I was able to apply both 
contacts in under 5 mins, no swearing no sweating - a complete success!

Alternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contacts

To apply the contacts I also used some of the tools Coloured Contacts very kindly provided in a portable kit - complete with blue kitty case! I used the tweezers to get the contact out of the vial they were contained in. Also in the kit was, a little tube for solution, a contact case and a wand applicator - which I discovered what it was after I’d applied the lens with a clean finger, will defo be using that next time I try them out. The case also has a mirror too, perfect for traveling with! 

My eyes are naturally a greeny/Hazel colour so to be able switch them to this violet colour was really fricking cool - and hassle free. If only my eyes could be this colour all the time . . . .
Alternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contacts
Alternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contactsAlternative Fashion blogger Foxxtailz uses coloured contacts

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