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As predictable a post of this nature is at this time of year I can’t not do a little reflection on such a freaking incredible year, dare I say one of my best in my 28 years? So many memories have been created, so many wonderful things experienced, personal goals hit and some pinch me is this for real opportunities. I’m so so grateful and wanted to say thank you to 2018 for giving me one of the best years of my life and one of my wildest rides.


I started January in such a weird mindset. At the beginning of the month I felt ready for the new year and had planned and prepped everything ready to take on 2018 with everything I had, my first ever blog entry of the year read "My PMA this year is all gonna be about those posi vibes and the energy I want to attract. This gals a bit hot-headed so it's time to inhale the good shit [no to drugs kids] and exhale the bullshit. Not let the bastards get you down that kinda thing. As well as relaxing, I've also worked my little [lies, it's nowhere near little] butt off on some fresh new content for y'all that I'm super excited to share with you" to then feel a bit deflated when everything for me was so quiet. I felt like after a crazy good 2017 I may have peaked. I’m never one to remain down in the dumps so I channeled that good PMA I said I would and enjoyed the month nevertheless. I kicked off January in the best way possible, I got to see my forever faves Paramore in Manchester - ya gal even went with Fake Happy tears and didn’t stop smiling all night. I also headed off to blog on the beach with one of my best pals Robyn for some blogging inspo then retreating back to mine for Pizza and PJ chills.


February soon became a busy month and was the beginning of an even busier year. I remember also being cold 98% of the time with the god damn snow that seemed to last forever. After bleaching my hair 29010293 times in 2017 I had well and truly killed off my hair and needed to sort out the breakage and fill in all the snapped off gaps my breakage had left behind. I took the plunge and got my hair filled out with extensions and lived my best swishy hair life. After feeling a bit blue from getting minimum work in I managed to land a collab with Pretty Little Thing - I can still remember the feeling of having that email landing in my inbox and thinking that perhaps it may not be over for me after all - very dramatic right lads? February also meant LondonEdge, one of my favourite highlights of the year as it’s one of the only chances I get to hang out with all my blogger pals on one day. This year I met Charley, Vicki and Kitty IRL and then went on to be some of my best friends that I spent a lot of 2018 with. It’s mad to look back and think we’ve only been pals just shy of a year.  As well as collabing with PLT, I got to work with one of my faves brands T.UK. again, fearless illustration, carter gore and make up revolution. I was also lucky enough to be able to attend the BooHoo LFW gifting lounge - that was probably the start of me basically living in London in 2018.


Entering March I felt super positive, that horrid snow that seemed to go on forever finally had gone and I could feel spring on its way. I also turned 28 in March and celebrated by eating glorious Japanese food with my nearest and dearest pals with a quick little stop off at the Key Club cuz you’re never too old for some pop punk. After my quiet slump at the beginning of the year I got an email to say I would be modelling for Lucy and Yak mid March down in Shoreditch. I fully loved that day, despite missing both my trains to and from London ha! Everyone was so bloody lovely and I made some really great pals. I think that was the main theme of 2018 , I made friends with loads of wonderful people. After a wicked day surrounded by good people I headed off to meet Kitty and try out Eat by Chloe in Covent Garden after wanting to try it for the longest time!


I think April was one of my favourite months - I spent approximately 98% of it in London and hanging out with my pals and had some of my favourite days of the year. At the beginning of the month I met up with Vicki and Kinga in Manchester where we got the best Vegan eats. I kinda can’t go to Manchester without going to Home Sweet Home and getting a piece of cake as big as my head ;) I got some shots done with my fave London based photographer and then met Kitty and India and spent a sunny day in London chatting and eating some really good food! I came back to London legit a week later to experience my first day of multiple events with my blogger girl gang, Vicki, Kitty and Emilina. I was invited down to check out Cute Mistakes pop up shop in Topshop then we all headed off to the Lime Crime event for the release of the new Venus palette, mixed my own hair dye and got some super sick nails done. In the evening we headed off to the Google event in Selfridges and then finished the evening at the BooHoo X Stefflon Don event for the launch of the new range. I remember at the end of that day feeling super lucky and super content, I don’t think I stopped smiling all day.  April also marked 4 years with Jimmy Jam too! April was also the month of Killa collabs, I got to work with freaking Footlocker, Punk Pins and NICCE! April was also the month Kitty came to visit me. We spent the weekend hanging with good people and eating good food. It was kinda cool exploring my city through someone else eyes.


May was the start of that freaking GLORIOUS summer we had. I thrive in summer and I bloody loved that we had an actual summer and not just the token week of good weather before it rains for the foreseeable future we usually call summer. It was heaven. It was also James’ birthday, we headed of to Sheffield, had a wander and found a place that did some really great vegan eats. May also meant Slam Dunk which is my highlight every year. Good Friends and good bands to listen to all in the city centre. It was my second year of being able to work with Slammy D and get myself and Jim a press pass. May was also the month I started working with Make Up Revolution and when I felt things were really starting to pick up with me and my blog. I also got my only tattoo of the year, a little teeny Dino tat.


June I went on the best mate date with my two BFFs. We caused havoc in Grassington, ate a lot of snacks, laughed so hard I nearly peed and had a photoshoot with a huge chocolate egg to then go back to my pals for a sleep over. Mid month Kitty came to stay in Leeds again, even though Kitty lives in London I’ve loved that we have actually been able to spend a decent amount of time together this year. Then a short week later I was back in London staying with Kitty as we had booked in to do a joint shoot with Kaye, that weekend the weather was bordering on tropical and I was in my element. We had an Absolut summer event in the even which also coincided with the World Cup madness - there was a good vibe in England that summer. The next day before I headed home, we caught in with more friends, Emma and Emilina and had brunch and just hung out and caught up. I ended the month at Strawfest which is essentially a DIY festival my friend puts on at his farm and has been doing for 10+ years. Again lots of good company and music. I love it because its the one time of year were all rounded up together to just hand out. Bands come to play, theres BBQ’s everywhere and fields to pitch up tents so you can stay over. This year we had an interesting walk home through the fields. I bloody miss summer.


Ok so July was bloody mental. It was jam packed from the start to the end and I loved every second of it. The month was kicked off with some pretty sick events. I went to the second blog on the beach for the year and the weather was soooo freaking good lads. I left feeling super inspired after listening to some fab bloggers doing talks about the industry. There was a break for the England match where we drank and chilled and it was essentially the perfect summer’s day. Soon after I was heading down to London again after getting a freaking invite to attend Hello Kitty yoga, if you had told 10 year old Jess she would be woking with Hello Kitty AND getting to attend an event with all her mates she would have laughed at you. Another freaking great day and memories I’ll cherish forever. Honestly this year has been wild and we’re only in July. Later on in the month I had the best week of my life. I headed down to London again with James to stay for a few days as I had a week off from work. I was going to be having a complimentary hair appointment at Not Another Salon - basically the hair salon of my dreams. There’s not many places I’d ditch my extensions for and let them cut my hair. It was such a bloody amazing experience. The next day I was heading out to my very first press trip for the new bloody Dream Land in Margate. Another day I look back on with fond memories. Again I was able to spend the day with all my favourite people, explore a new place and be invited there by one of my favourite brands. In the same week of dreams I got the chance to collaborate with one of my fave brands The Ragged Priest, probs up there with one of the most pinch me moments of my blogging career. This was legit the month of events, I also got to attend the opening of the new Footlocker store on Oxford Street, check out the new Drop Dead store in Sheffield where I saw Oli Sykes [15 year old Jess was pummmpppedd]  AND the Corkys event in Manchester where I won a £100 Topshop voucher - thank you new Summer wardrobe. I really loved July. 


August got off to a bit of a shit start. I remember James getting me from the train station super super late at night and then in the morning after I’d caught up on sleep he told me that the flat we had moved into 9 months ago was going up for sale and we had 2 months to find a new place and leave. I was so bloody livid BUT in 2 weeks I managed to find us a new place in the same building. It was wank and expensive and tiring but we managed to do it. August was the month I first experienced getting constant paid work for my blog and Instagram - making the new move blow that bit more bearable. I got to experience another complimentary salon experience and got my hair done in a beautiful Vegan and CF salon in Stockport where I had my hair refreshed in my signature half and half colours. It was also the month James and I got to see Bianca Del Rio in Manchester and experienced our first open air cinema on the behalf of Cassillero del Diablo before spending the weekend with Kitty at Leeds Fest. It was probs the rainiest Leeds Fest I’ve ever been to but still freaking great nonetheless. I got to see Bexey for the first time AND got to see BMTH side stage for their secret set, making 15 year old Jess happy for the second time this year. 


September was also another fun month. I headed down to London for the 249047093rd time of the year to get my hair done at Live true salon. A cool little place in Clapham. Ya gal got her half and half refreshed and felt like a hair queeeeenn once it was done. However my fave moment of September was going down to London for the Blogger Programme. I once again got to hang out with my blogger girl gang and got to meet and see IRL a few of my fave blogger gals. I ended the month by heading to Soho with to find some hidden gems whist exploring the area. It was rad because I also got to do this with Kitty too ^_^


Even though October means we’re heading into Autumn and I’m very much a summer loving gal, it’s also another one of my favourite months and like others, this one was also jam packed too! The Begining of the month, James and I modelled for UK Custom Plugs - you can see our mugs on the website lol. It was cool to do something like this with James :).  I got to work with a bunch of really cool brands like T.U.K shoes, Koi Footwear Jaw Breaker and Fearless Illustration. I also landed two of my biggest collabs ever and got to work with freaking Illamasqua, getting sent their Reign of Rock collection AND Instax for a Halloween collab - as you can imagine I was bloody thrilled. As well as sick collabs, I got to go to some rad events. I was invited back to London [lol] to attend the Cheap Monday x Butcher Billy Pumpkin carving party, again with all my fave pals in my fave city with one of my fave brands. I really lucked out in October. I ended the month with going back to London with Vicki to check out the Skinny Dip event at the nail club and getting are nails done with cute little designs printed on them. For actual Halloween itself James and I headed off to York to watch our mates band played dressed as Slytherins - the only way to do Halloween ;). I also got to shoot some really cool stuff with my friends for Keep Real, a wicked organisation that helps break down the stigma of mental health. It was really wicked to hang out with my friends and just enjoy being in each others company. 


After a few mad months, things started to wind down a bit. I had some sort of  existential crisis/break down [lol] when it came to my blog - I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take it but I knew I didn’t want to quit it so it was neglected for a bit. I just concentrated on making bits for Instagram instead whilst I figured things out. I stared making mini Makeup and hair Videos and realised I really enjoyed doing them - even though they dont always get the best interaction - that of course never stopped me ^_^ November I went to my first sample sale and queued in the cold for ages to get my hands on some Lazy Oaf bits - ya gal will do anything to nab some LO stuff. I met Gem and Cristina and we kept each other entertained in the queue to then after go out into Manchester and do some shots with Cristina. lol the same day I also went to my first ever Grindcore wedding - a month of firsts apparently ;) I ended the month with going back to Manchester for the Kiss Christmas blogger event with Gem and got all the eyelashes a girl could need ever! I also had a visit from my London pals Vicki and Emilina, they came to stay with me in Leeds - it was lovely having them here and showing them around my city. After exploring we retreated back to mine and basically chilled out in jammies watching crappy but good movies whilst eating alllll the snacks. 


OK so, if youve got to the end of this post you for sure deserve a freaking medal, its been a bit of a long one lads! December, after a kinda quiet November things once again got a little crazy. I managed to bag tickets to go see Bexey in Manchester at the beginning of the month - dragging poor James with me. I've legit never felt so old as I did being in that room lol. I also started to feel festive for the first time in legit YEARS. I blame working in retail for 7 years ruining it for me. James and I did lots of cute things like buying a new tree and going to the German market, watching xmas films and having an early Christmas with family as my Grandma was jetting off to New Zealand to spend xmas with my mum. I also took part in Vlogmas doing my first daily upload ever! THAT was a lot of hard work. December was also the month I became a brand ambassador for Tallulah's Threads! I attended my last blogger event of the year and checked out the new Irregular Choice store in Manchester with Gem where I found my perfect pair of boots! I had a lovely festive run up, spending time with my best friends, going to a wedding, celebrating my friends 30th in York and spending my Christmas in Cheshire with James’ family. It left me reflecting on all the good stuff that happened in 2018 and feeling super grateful I had one of the best years of my life that I’ll cherish forever. 2018 was the year of experiences and making memories and I’m super blessed to have had every single one of them - heres to a freaking amazing 2019! 

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