Creating a DIY YouTube Backdrop

The more I upload to and create for YouTube, the more I fall in love with it and the more I want to invest in it. Living in quite a small rented flat, I’m limited to what I can do with a YouTube filming space. When I finally buy my own home, I’ll make sure I have an office all of my own, where I can do my blog and YouTube work, and to decorate how I please, complete with a YouTube backdrop to film in front of.

So for now, I’ve had to get creative and make a temporary space. I’ve found that by scouring places that sell event props and decorations you can find some hidden gems and easily create your own temporary film backdrops. Having a look at Covering all Occasions, inspiration struck and I wanted to see if I could make myself a colourful space. After perusing Covering all occasions site, I found they had a wide variety of props, that with a bit of imagination and creativity could be used for more then just spacial events. The prices are super affordable too meaning you won’t break the bank trying to jazz up your space - win!

First of all I measured the height of the wall I wanted to use for the backdrop,  so I would know how much length of the roll to use. After measuring the length of material I wanted to use, I used fabric scissors and a steady hand to cut out 3 lengths of yellow and two lengths of pink. I also measured the width of the wall space to work out how many strips I would need to use. As I wanted to make this a temporary Background space, something I can easily remove and put up as and when I need, I fixed it to the wall using white tack. This also means, if like me you rent, I wouldn’t be leaving marks on the wall. I thought it would be fun to experiment with 2 different colours to create a stripe effect. 

Using different coloured organza - obvs went for the 2 brightest colours I could find,  that I can cut and attached to my wall and remove after use, I’ve been able to bring to life my filming space. I opted for getting a few different colours so I can mix things up a bit to create an inexpensive and more fun filming space. Not only would this work for use for backdrops, they would make great backgrounds for flatlays and blog photography too!

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This is a sponsored post, backgrounds/props provided by Covering All Occasions but all words and opinions are my own.