An explanation of absence and my non-pressure approach to blogging in 2019

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I think my friends, it’s time for a very long and overdue change. I would say the last two thirds of the year of my blog have been a little lacklustre. I just wasn’t into it anymore and I was hugely in denial about it. So I kept on putting up half arsed post after half arsed post in the hopes that me forcing it would being back my love for blogging, if anything it pushed it further away. I went through the motions of trying to reignite my love for my blog, having a break trying to come at it from a different angle, looking at other blogs for inspo, all the usual things that used to help but nothing. I realised over autumn that perhaps my blog was over. Perhaps blogging for me was over, but that thought just didn’t sit right with me. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to something that brings me so much fun. I just needed to think of a way to revamp my approach but I kept coming up stumped. 

I’m not really one to write think pieces, especially not to the extent of having 3 a week to knock out, it wasn't the reason I started my blog either. I started it to document my outfits and my personal style journey. But theres only so many times you can write a blog post on those really cool pants you picked up from TopShop, it becomes predictable and boring to the point where each blog post is regurgitated, you just insert the item of the week you’ve bought and been loving and you’ve got yourself the same blog post you’ve written 20405497340293 times. riveting. Then the likes of Instagram came along and kinda took away any need to have a dedicated post to your new fave item. I didn’t want to abandon my blog for the gram but I also didn’t want to keep putting up the same post over and over with and interchangeable item of clothing.

"So Jess, what you gonna do lass?

After a week of moping about the demise of my blog it hit me all of a sudden what I want to do and what I will be doing in the start of 2019. Instead of forcing myself to put up 3 posts a week I’m not really arsed about - and I’m sure you guys haven’t been either. I’m going to take it back to the old school way of blogging. I’m going to do a weekly round up, probably every Sunday of what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been loving, be it books I’ve read, things Ive bought, trends I’m into stuff I’ve watched. I’m going to do a weekend in outfits too, I work full time, Monday to Friday so the only really effort that goes into my outfits is on a weekend so it still has that fashion element to it too but a more realistic approach. I’m also going to be sharing my fave blogs I’ve read that week, fave YouTube videos, Instagram accounts and Instagram posts. I guess it’s going to be a bit like a weekly newsletter, a very non-pressure approach to blogging. 

Of course, I’ll still probably post in between my weekly round ups when inspiration strikes but it will be on my schedule, if there’s something I want to dedicate one post to instead of including it into my round up. Here will be a diary entry, thoughts of things I’ve loved and hated a general catch up with some fashion thrown in too. Most of my dedicated looks will move from my blog and be shared on my Instagram instead, something I’ve been doing as I started to find that much contact didn’t really work on my blog anymore. Looking back on it, that much content in one week was kind of silly. I finally feel excited to blog again and I’m even more excited to bring you my new-old approach to my blog.

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Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Fashion Blogger Foxxtailz


  1. I've followed your blog through Bloglovin' for awhile, and I always loved seeing your posts pop up in my feed, no matter how close together/far inbetween they were! You do YOU! I'm wanting to get back into blogging, but felt the same way. This makes me feel like I can go back to the old way too, and just share what I want without the pressure of posting multiple times a week of forced content that my heart isn't in. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for the honesty as always. <3


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