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You know when you piece together an outfit in your head and it’s made up of a bunch of things you really wanna wear but not entirely sure it will work? But then you try on said outfit and actually really really love the outcome but you’re not entirely sure it does work? Well this outfit is a product of that very for instance.

Wow, what a long disjointed intro to a post.

Basically lads, I was super pumped when I saw Hello Kitty had done another drop with Primark. I was even more so when I saw that the drop included a denim shirt - something I’d wanted to add to my wardrobe but hadn’t found ~ the one ~ but like most things I have been buying recently, I just didn’t know how to style it. Until I had a brain wave after re-organising my wardrobe for the millionth time. Also brain wave, what a weird word/pharse.

I’d stock piled a few pieces from my wardrobe I’d forgotten about or hadn’t worn for a while, stuff I had put to the side with the promise of getting more wear out of them and this skirt was one of them. Originally from Urban Outfitters, I bagged this baby a couple of years ago now from either Depop or eBay I forgot which, for a few quid. I was after a black a line skirt and this one was just what I wanted AND it has actual working pockets which essentially makes it perfect, and I was also hoping it would be the perfect thing to go with my HK denim shirt number . . . . and I think it was.

With the added red bow and my H&M Beret I’ve been living in it kinda gave me an 80’s fashion food worker vibe which made it that much better, that or a girl guide/scout leader - something I’m also here for.

Don’t you just love it when and outfit you think of in your head goes together?

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Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz
Alternative Blogger Foxxtailz