3 unexpected trends for AW18

So lads, I was say I was quite open when it comes to trends in fashion, there’s only a few things I would refuse to wear/can’t get on board with - black and brown worn together, no matter how you try it, it just never looks right. Those weird see through heels you can see your poor trotters all squished up at the ends. Not cute.

This autumn, I’ve seen a few trends making their way into the realms of fashion that I can’t decide if I’m on board with or if they somehow got lost in the wrong place - kinda like me when I can’t work city matter and I’m trying to find my pals when I’m visiting London. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire . . . .

Trend one - Perspex bags

Ok so I *may* not be a fan of the shoes but the bags, I can get along with. I actually picked up a see through cat number from Topshop this summer. I’ve then seen this trend of clear clutches and see though bags be carried forward into autumn. A bold fashion statement of a theft waiting to happen. I’m feeling it, minus the theft.

Trend two - Florescent jackets and hi vis numbers

No seriously, hear me out. I’ve been seeing these popping up here their and everywhere on the net and on social media. Think “lunch at 1pm but a night ride at 8pm” kinda vibe. This stuff has been splashed all over the cat walks and soon to be seen in our high street, ready for us to cop a Hi Vis Jacket

Trend three - The Boiler suit

Ok so confession time, I did actually see my style queen Hayley Williams in a bolder suit in the early days of the AL era and was hoping I would be able to get my hands on one from somewhere as after searching the depths of the internet all I could find was ones with pretty hefty price tags. Low and behold this AW they’re everywhere. “but Jess, [I hear you say] there’s not much difference between that and a regular jumpsuit.” Like, I guess you’re kinda right but I’m really vining on the ones that look like something a mechanic would wear - minus grease stains.

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