My Soho hot spots for the sugar and shopping fiend

London over the last 12 months has practically become my second home thanks to my blog. I have legit lost count of the amount of times I have been this year. I’ve been visiting London for years and on my initial visits I'd head straight to places like Oxford Street, Camden, Notting Hill - all the usual spots, done to death. However, one place I have been gravitating to more and more is Soho. It’s still an easily accessible place, but with an uber cool vibe full of indie shops, wicked places to eat and drink,  the best places to pick up vinyls and theres also a bunch of hotels near Soho if you are extending your visit and want to enjoy the night life on offer.

As I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic [the first step to getting better is admitting the problem ;)] I tend to rate a place on how good the shopping is - and lads, Soho does not disappoint, housing some of my most favourite shops, dare I say, in the whole country. The thing about Soho is I’m always able to find a new hidden gem on each visit. My recent foray found me in Fiorucci. It’s more on the splurging side, but man, there was so much I wanted to bring home with me. They even had a customisation station [lol poet, didn’t know it] AND a Black Milk for when you need that all important mid shop sugar hit.

Next place to stumble upon was Gosh comics - my inner geek loved this place and I spent a good while browsing the selection of what was on offer and picked up a signed copy of a tongue in cheek comic about a fashion blogger - kinda kicking myself I don’t pick up the other copy, but there’s always next time right ;)?

The final place I visited for the first time was Underground. I fell in love with everything. I’ve been a huge fan of Underground since the start of my alt fashion journey, loving the British Punk and Japanese street style fusion, so you can bet I was pretty pumped to have been able to visit the store. I of course left with a little something - it would have been rude not to right? Plus, I was walked out of the store by the shopping assistant and waved off once I’d made my purchase, I felt like I was back in Japan. 

  No trip to Soho is complete without a little stop off at my two forever fave stores, LazyOafs and the Ragged Priest. Both of these stores are a must when in the area. Whenever I’m in London I always make sure I factor in some time to pay a visit. The Ragged Priest offer bright and bold clothes with a grunge edge, whilst LazyOafs is more of a kawaii vibe - both up my street and both I love equally. I picked up a little something from LazyOafs as it is legit physically impossible for me to leave the stores without something - I told you, I’ve got a problem.  

As well as the shops, I like just being in the area of Soho with it’s urban vibe. Theres always something cool going off, also you know, being a fashion blogger theres also a bunch of cool photo op areas - got to do it for the gram ;) 

Lastly, one of my fave places to visit just off Soho is Doughnut Time. Originally from Oz, Doughnut Time have a bunch of hole in the wall esque’ shops and no trip to Soho is complete without getting my hands on one - theres also a seriously good range of Vegan ones to choose from with hilarious names. Ya gals current fave is the notorious P.I.G

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The spending money was gifted by, but as always, all views are my own :)


  1. Aww wow I love all the places you went to! :D I've got both the Snotgirl volumes so far and it is an amazing comic book series. I'm sure you'll love it. :)


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