What does the future hold for your festivals?

Ok so one of the best things about summer hands down is festival season. I’ve been heading off to festivals since 2007, there was nothing more exciting than getting my Leeds fest ticket bought for me for my birthday in March to then eagerly anticipating my first taste of freedom parent free for one long weekend a year. Leeds fest was my happy place. I got to spend my bank holiday weekend surrounded by my favourite people, fending for myself for the weekend, eating questionable meals and wearing even more questionable outfits in the name of ~fashion experimentation ~ I bloody loved every minute of it. Now older, I’ve traded up me weekend festivals for day ones, I’m still surrounded by my favourite people, eating questionable meals after one too many ciders and still wearing questionable outfits [still experimenting] just on a  shorter time frame.

A lot has changed since my first festival 11 years ago [ouch] especially in the way of thecholgy. For most, our phones are our landline, it’s how we stay connected to those we want to be connected to. We have unlimited information available at our fingers tips, we use our phones to keep organised so it was only a matter of time before technology and festivals started to merge too. In a recent study, it is shown that more and more of us are wanting to be done with traditional entry methods such as paper tickets and wristbands, in favour of something a bit more 21st century, like the use of E-tickets. In fact, a recent survey carried out by an online label company Data label shows that 48% of millenials would prefer Mobile ticket entry, contactless card and smart watch payments. 

Something else I found interesting was the prospect of RFID technology wristband entry and preloaded with cash. I never ever carry cash and to have a device which can be preloaded to use at festivals that would be a dream - and bloody convenient too! RFID Enabled devices can enable faster entries for people and also eliminated and help reduce the number of fake tickets at festivals. These new ideas and technologies are set to improve the way we experience festivals helping to aid us in having the best possible experience we can. 

What do you think to these new ideas and the future of festivals?

*Collaborative information by Data label all opinions are my own*