Therapy Quest Book Tour

Ok, so I'm going to kick things off by going straight in and saying I.Bloody.loved.this.

I have read quite a few self-help books after being diagnosed with generalised anxiety a few years ago. My way of coping/dealing with my anxiety was reading and learning about it. That way I was able to understand what the hell was going on, why I was feeling like this and that helped me to cope with it. 

This isn't any old self-help book, this book is a fantasy therapy quest where the reader gets to make the decision of what happens next in the story, based on real physiological therapy. It talks through each section you make and helps you concentrate on and identify how you feel in that situation and letting you decide the outcome. 

After each decision, you are taken to a section that talks you through how you may be feeling at the point of the book. Each Character represents a mental health condition and touches on each one.
The point of the book is to help you to overcome some feelings you may have and how to cope with them in certain situations for you then to apply to real life scenarios - its a refreshingly different and engaging self-help book leaving you in control of the outcome.