Finishing touches with old English - from my home to my clothes

The other week, an email popped into my inbox asking me if I'd like to review a few bits from Old English, I headed on over to the site and immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the designs - so it was a no-brainer I jumped at the chance at doing so.  

I decided to pick out a few bits for my flat. Jim and I moved to central Leeds 7 months ago and due to mega hectic lives, we're still not fully unpacked and the house still isn't fully finished. With that in mind, I deiced to pick out one of the uber dreamy prints the site had to offer. I have a bit of a thing for plants and when I saw this abstract print of a cheese plant I kinda had to have and it also kinda lead me to then purchase an actual cheese plant . . . . not even sorry.

As well as home bits, the site also has quite an impressive range of enamel pins on offer - something else I'm a total sucker for. I went for pizza lover cos well this is me and pizza is life and she is fierce cos sometimes we need a little reminder that we're a bad ass betch - you feel me? Lastly, I couldn't resist picking up this sweet avacardo T from Letter clothing. I mean nothing screams millennial like an avacardo on your top right ;)?


  1. Absolutely love the bits you chose from Old English! They have such a great range of products.

    Kayla xo


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