Luxury Gift Ideas for Christmas with Fire Dance

So with Christmas just FIFTEEN DAYS AWAY [I’m not panicking, you’re panicking] I’ve got a little something you may well be interested in getting for your mum/grandma/BFF/cat if you’re looking to get them something a little more luxe this time around.  Or Yano, how about yourself, I mean we all need a dose of luxe treat yo self from time to time amiright?!

I was very kindly gifted one of the new scents from Ruth Mastenbroek to review and try out for myself. First impressions - I loved the packaging and bottle with its silhouetted design [I’m a sucker for a fancy bottle] of a couple in a celebratory embrace, which is exactly what this scent is all about. I found the below on the site of Ruth’s perfume inspiration:

''I love the anticipation, buzz, laughter and joy of big celebrations! Yet those small moments of contentment that catch me unawares and remind me how precious life is are just as beautiful. Sharing a joke, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, squeezing a loved one’s hand…I composed Firedance to capture those special moments that make me appreciate what I have.'

I'd describe this scent as quite musky, with hints of floral creeping in which, undoubtedly if you or your loved ones prefer scents of this nature, will make a great scent for the season. Having a look at the ingredients and fragrance family [ya gals learning cos I didn't even know that was a thing] we have at the top: apple and lemon, heart: damask rose, leather and cashmere, base: Oudh and patchouli with the fragrance type as rose. The description on the site sounds even dreamier!

''…rejoicing in each moment of contentment in life. In Firedance, Ruth presents a scorching, modern interpretation of the classic rose perfume, as exotic leather dances in surprise harmony with the main character – smouldering Damask rose. Set against a warming backdrop of oudh and patchouli, a shining amber note radiates from the skin in this memorably intimate and sexy perfume.'' 

See what I mean?  If you have a special someone you think this scent would be perfect for you can find it here as well as other scents by Ruth Mastenbroek.