Finding my fitness - again and what aids I like to use

I've always liked to work out. I've always enjoyed exercise and I've always like to watch my body change and get stronger. I love the feeling of beating a PB, I like the rush of endorphins you get after a really really great work out. However, this year I've majorly slacked.
I moved to Leeds around a month ago, I had to quit my old gym and after getting settled into my new place I've managed to find a new one literally a few minutes walk away from my new flat, but as I'm still settling in and my life schedule is getting crazier by the day I'm still struggling to find the time.  Before that, I had quite a big job change that left me with little to no time to dedicate to the gym and the work out sessions I love. Mix that with running my blog and my full-time job it was nearly impossible to fit it in. 

As well as not finding the time, I was really really tired too, before I moved my days were long and by the time Friday rolled around, I was well and truly burnt out. I was hoping this would be different when I moved to Leeds, that I'd have more time and I wouldn't be as tired. I'm still desperately trying to fit in workouts and I'm still so freaking tired. After speaking to a few friends/doing some research/tested out some goodies sent to me for reviews purposes I've finally found gym aids that actually work for me. 

Vieve Water

Sometimes, I struggle to get my protein so being asked to try out Vieve water with 20g of protein in a bottle was a God's send. Fave flavour has to be Citrus and apple hands down plus, with less than a 100 calories and low sugar they're the perfect pick me up when I need a sweet fix. There's also none of that weird aftertaste you sometimes find in protein products like this. I also like to one of these after a workout. 

Protein World - Slender Blend

Slender blend is something I've used from Protein world on and off for years. I've found for myself it aids me while trying to tone up with exercise and also helps me drop a few pounds here and there if I've overindulged, however that aspect I would only ever use it short term.   


My FitBit is a literal Godsend. I've been after a FitBit for quite a while after doing some research on the best one for me. Not only does it have a calorie tracker [I'm the kind of person that needs to document calorie intake to stop me going over board on sugar and eat more veggies] it has a step trackers plus it records calories burnt AND what percentage was fat burn which is super useful for the gym. It also reminds me to get off my butt and get my steps in. 

Some products in this post were sent to me to review but as always all words and views are my own.


  1. Health is the great blessing of God and to make your life healthier is the big opportunity thanks alot for sharing this useful product with us.

  2. I sometimes struggle to get my protein in as well, that vieve water sounds awesome! I wonder if they sell that anywhere close to me...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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