When your trousers are extra AF

Tis the season to get out your fave jumpers. I have a vast collection of snuggly ones that slightly resemble being a duvet, making it mildly better to get out of bed on a god awful winter morning to then drag your sleep deprived butt to work - only just though as nothing compares to the real thing. For me, I have 2 faves. One if my UNIF monochrome striped jumper that has been splashed here and there on my blog over the past 2 years and the second is this light pink jumper I picked up from H&M last year. I'm a tall girl with a long body and find it forever annoying I can't get a jumper that 1) has arms long enough and 2) is long enough in the body. Nobody has time for an icy mid-drift, mid-winter you know what I'm sayin'? I don't know if its the slight sparkle in the material of the jumper or the exaggerated rin in the material but this jumper gives me some serious 80'2 vibes.

The trousers are a bit extra ain't they lads? As I keep straying further and further away from skinny jeans [good riddance you blood restricting bitches] I keep dabbling and experimenting with different types of trousers, this time around, some very flamenco dancer-esque ones very kindly gifted to me from wearall. I spotted this style popping up the back end of this summer, wanted to get me some of that action but couldn't bare to pay the price tags that went along with them, looking at the TopShop, so of course when I was asked to pick some bits out from wearall's site, I made a beeline straight for these. I had in mind dressing them up for a night out, however, when they arrived, I thought I'd try my hand at trying to make them work for day wear too. 

So with that in mind, to make it ultra dressed down I threw on a graphic tee, this bad boy is from Stag and Raven [told you they'd be back ;)]. The thing with Stag and Raven is they have a collection of prints, clothing, accessories and home bits all by different artists, this 
 Peony Mandala shirt is by Holly Astral and I absolutely adore this design so much as I'm a sucker for anything tattoo related bonus points as its also a longer length too, meaning it actually fits mine ridiculously out of proportioned body. 

Top* Stag and Raven | Trousers* Wearall | Jumper H&M | Shoes Vans 

Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Stag and Raven Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Stag and Raven
Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Stag and Raven
Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Stag and Raven


  1. Absolutely fucking smashing it as always! Those trousers are crazy!

  2. Oh my goodness - look at those trousers!! You can legit pull of anything and look amazing!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk

  3. You look great in this one! I am loving on the t-shirt - I have had a bit of a lack of good graphic tees since I lost a bunch during the move (queue sad face). This might inspire me to get out and get shopping soon!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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