The Trouble with Imitation and Blogging

We've all been there, haven't we? I would go as far to say at one point in our blogging career, we've all been imitated. It's exhausting, frustrating and leaves you feeling stripped of your identity something you've become comfortable with and leaves you feeling a little lost. Little pieces of yourself stolen.

I've seen it discussed a lot in the bloggershere, peoples experiences with it, how it makes them feel and how they combat it.

Don't get me wrong, theirs absolutely nothing at all wrong with taking inspiration from someone, but there's a fine line between that and outright ripping someone off.

Please please don't think this is a post aimed at someone, in particular, it's just a topic I wanted to weigh in on. It's about copying in general and how I've dealt with it in the past and how I continue to deal with it now. In the past, I've started to, instead of getting frustrated, being proactive, it pushes me to push myself into coming up with new ways to express myself. See the thing is a copycat, it's see-through. To them, it's another fad but for you, it's forever. It's what you are and what you'll also be/love. The copycat will never truly be happy whilst imitating everyone else.

I was speaking my friend Jess about it, as a fellow creative person. I often offload to her about things of this nature as I know she will understand. She said how in our industry identity is everything, it's what sets you apart from everyone else - you don't work your arse off for someone else to do the same and take the credit.  But how do you identify when someone is outright ripping off you, your style and your content and it being well, all in your head? It's a tricky one and it's a tricky subject to discuss without coming across as negative,

I'm not talking about having the same top from Zara or jeans from Topshop, with there being only so many high street shops, shit like that's gonna happen, we've all seen someone wear something, liked it and bought it. It happens, I guess that is also part in part of fashion blogging - people are gonna like what you wear and they're gonna want to buy it for themselves. Heck, I've done it. I've seen someone wearing something, loved it and bought it for myself. I've had girls message me saying they put an outfit together inspired by what I wear and as a fashion blogger, they're truly humbling messages to receive.

It's if it happens on the reg, or if you style/personality/identity starts getting ripped off that's when it becomes a problem. It's no longer taking inspiration and the line between that and imitation becomes a bit blurry. So what do you do? That answer to that, I'm still unsure myself. After all, imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, how you actually feel about that statement is up to you. . . .


  1. Your laptop looks soooooo cute, cool stickers!

  2. This really is a fine line, and its hard to define where that line lies. On one hand, if someone starts to imitate you then they obviously look up to it and its kinda flattering... but at some point it crosses over and becomes too much. They no longer are acting like that little child at school trying to be like the 'cool kids' and are now literally taking over your identity. Are they going to try to off you next to steal your life? Haha - I've had one person cross that line since becoming a blogger and I felt so violated. Great topic to bring up!
    Britt |

  3. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind thinking they could ever come close to being as sick as you!

  4. Hell yes to everything in this post! As bloggers and people in general we strive to create our own style and our own identity, I know I do! For me personal style is all about me finishing a way to represent who I am through my outfits! It's something I've spent years creating, so to feel as if someone has come and copied even a part of that makes you feel like you're losing part of your identity! I don't understand anyone who thinks this is cool or okay- just be yourself, it's not hard! Amazing post Jess - I'm so glad someone has had the lady balls to talk about this problem!
    Robyn //


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