DrMartensXLazyoaf shoes of dreams

Foxxtailz in drmartenxlazyoaf

 I can't remember the last time or actually if ever I have dedicated an entire blog post to one item of clothing. But when something as good as this happens, it's gotta be done cos hold the freaking phone guys, this is just incredible.

Enter the DrMartenxLazyoaf collab.

I've been a HUGE fan girl of Lazyoaf for as long as I can remember, building up quite a collection from past and present seasons. If I could only pick one place to shop at for the rest of m life Lazyoaf would be at the very very top of my list. I love their weirdly wonderful designs, alternative slogans to your mainstream fashions and the different characters and trends with each season drop. Each time the sale rolls around I take full advantage of it.

When I found out they would be collaborating with another brand I loved - Dr Martens I did a little scream and knew I had to bag me something whilst simultaneously knowing that, realistically I probably wasn't in a financial position to fulfil said shoes wish. THAT'S UNTIL I GOT AN UNEXPECTED BONUS AT WORK GUYS. Perhaps I should have been sensible and put it all to one side but I thought fuck it and got these bad boys in London on Friday. I will be putting the rest of it away so I don't feel too guilty as at £125 a pop, this is the most I've ever spent on one item in one go ever- minus my Mac and even that's on finance.  I've also been meaning to buy a pair of Doc shoes rather than boots so I mean this was the perfect time to get a pair am I right?

I wore these all round Manchester yesterday and they are the comfiest things ever. I love the little velvet heart detailing that also can be found on the inside of the shoes and also the velvet shoe laces. However, my fave part of the shoes is the ''Don't care'' going up the each of each shoe in true Lazyoaf style.  I've got my eye on a Lazyoaf heart dress to wear with my new docs that might be a little overkill but in kinda a good way? We'll see. Keep checking back in the week to see how I've styled my new baes - I've got a feeling you're gonna be seeing a lot of them!

GUYS! I've been shortlisted for Blogger of the freaking year and in the fashion category on the  #bloggersblogawards I'm so unbelievably grateful for everyone that voted for me, it means the absolute world. If you would like to vote for me in either category, you can do so here  

Foxxtailz in drmartenxlazyoaf
Foxxtailz in drmartenxlazyoaf
Foxxtailz in drmartenxlazyoaf


  1. Oooh omg Jess I love these so so much!! They are the coolest shoes and I soon I saw these on their site I thought of you!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

    1. Ah Robyn you're too cute! I know right I am in loveeeee xo

  2. Omg these shoes are amazing! They are so cute :) I'm lovin' the hearts! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  3. These are so lovely oh wow. May have to get my hands on some of these! x


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