London Breaks with The Urban Retreats Apartments

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Ah London, I could wax lyrical about how much I love this city, how much I love visiting this city and how much I feel completely at home in this city. I would move in a heart beat if it wasn't for yano, my friends, my job, the fact that what I pay in rent now wouldn't even get me any sort of decent accommodation down there. . . . BUT never the less, it's somewhere I love to visit time and time again. I'm forever finding excuses to go visit my fave city in England.

Top five places to visit in London:

1) Camden

But of course? What would a trip be to London if you didn't go down to Camden town, stuff your face at the food vendors, walk 74047964804 miles around the stalls and pick up some of the cutest trinkets EVER! Pro tip: AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE ON WEEKENDS. Unless you like being smooshed to death. 

2) God's Own Junk Yard

Ah guys, this place you guys THIS.PLACE. It's all dreamy and glowing and basically an Instagrammers DREAM. There are some really really cool pieces to go check out! 

3) South Bank

I really don't know what it is about this part of London but I seem to be so in love with it. Just walking around this area makes me feel all happy and tranquil and basically makes me never ever want to leave. 

4) Brick Lane

All the yes'. I love Brick Lane, I would go as far to say as that it is my Fave ever ever spot in London. If you're hugely into urban exploring and street art like me this place is perfect for you! Plus there's a tonne of rly rly cool shops to check out too! 

5) Being a full blown tourist.

It never ever gets old. No matter how many times I see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or the London Eye, I get ridiculously happy and giddy. I don't know what it is but seeing these familiar landmarks the feeling just has a sort of magic about them you know? 

One thing I do want to do on my next visit is, instead of checking into my old faithful Premier Inn Hub, I want to try out an Urban Retreat Apartment for myself. Why do you ask? so I can pretend I actually live in London duh. And also, I've never actually stayed in an apartment and always opted for a hotel instead. Have you seen how lush these are though, here, take a look for yourself, you're welcome ;) 

*The post is collaboration with Urban Retreats Apartments  but as always the views are 100% my own :)

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