Luxe Jewellery Wish List

I've always been one for costume jewellery, owning only a few pieces of ''real'' jewellery. It's usually something I've been given as a gift - I have a signet ring my parents bought me when I was 5 that I've never taken off, it now only just fits on my little finger. I've turned full on blogger cliche and fallen in love with errythang rose gold [lol #sorrynotsorry] which has left me lusting after pieces once I make it big [lol again]

1) Rose Gold Knot Stud Earrings

Even though I can't wear these [ya gals got 24mm stretches in her ears looool] I can still admire them from afar right? These are the exact kinda earrings I'd wear if I could - minimal and beaut.

2) Silver and Rose Gold plated expanding bracelet

Ok, ima tell you a mini story. I've got really really thing wrist HOWEVER, I have broadest hands ever making it virtually impossible to find a bangle that will fit over my freakishly broad hands. Hello, expandable bracelet - the answer to my bangle needs. Plus it reminds me of a snake and you all know I'm about that Slytherin life.

3) Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch

I never thought I could love a watch as much as I do this one. I think it's the Roman Numerals and dreamy mother of pearl dial.

4) Silver Lattice Pendant and Chain

Mixing it up a little bit by throwing a little bit of silver in, I was totally drawn to the suitable mandala vibes to this cute lattice pendant that and it also kinda reminds me of a lotus flower?

5) White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

lol, a girl can dream, right? I might have accidentally tripped and fallen in the engagement ring section of the site and basically, now I've mentally planned my whole wedding, buy a hat you're all invited ;)

*The post is collaboration with F Hinds  but as always the views are 100% my own :)


  1. Ahh you've picked some gorgeous goodies! I love the bangle and the engagement ring is very pretty! I waz surprised to see how affordable it is too! The ring I've been lookong at like are like 2k hahah whoooops
    Deimante x

  2. Oh beautiful picks! I've recently been trying to get more into jewellery so I'll have to take a proper look on this site! I just love that watch, so pretty <3

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Oooh these pieces are absolutely stunning <3 I love the cluster ring and the watch! Super pretty!

    Katie x


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