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I live quite a fast paced life, from the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes I am doing something, Be it work, blogging, reading going to the gym - I'm always ALWAYS doing something. I have a hard time trying to relax and just chill out - I honestly don't even think I know how too. This weekend just gone, my friend Jess and I were discussing just this and decided we wanted to be all fancy and treat ourselves to a spa retreat because . . . . why the hell not ;)

I was having a browse of urban retreats Morracan spa and decided to compile a list of my top 4 treatments I'm low key dying to try out:

1)Signature Hammam

Full body and face exfoliation? I'm there! I'm not the best when it comes to skin care so treating myself to something like this sounds like an absolute dream for my poor neglected skin! I'm also kinda really intrigued by the traditional stretching massage . . . .

2) Half Day Moroccan Spa Experience

Ok so, if Jess and I really wanted to go all out, the half a day spa treatment sounds perfect! massage, blow dry, custom pedicure, manicure, makeup application AND champagne lunch or afternoon tea? It's a firm HELL YES from me.

3) Purity Facial 50 Minutes

I've always wanted to try out a hot stone massage and as this one comes with a gentle exfoliation and to prep your skin for a traditional rhassoul clay mask, it sounds the perfect place to start!

4)Rhassoul Mud Wrap With Plant Extracts

Mud wrap? Sounds hella fun! As well as all the beauty benefits such as Argan oil and floral water, it's described as ''a unique moment dedicated to wellness and beauty for all skin types''.

What do you do to destress? Would you try any of the treatments above? I'd love to know in the comments below <3

*The post is collaboration with urban retreat but as always the views are 100% my own :)


  1. This sounds lovely, I definitely know I could do with a visit to a spa soon. Life is stressful at the moment! The mud wrap sounds so good! - Tasha

  2. Oh these treatments all sound AMAZING. I've just went through a breakup and I am in desperate need of a spa trip! The half day Moroccan spa experience sounds right up my street

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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