Bedroom wish list

ok so I've touched upon home decor ''want's'' in previous posts and what I"d love to do if I owned my home plus I've got a thing for list points at the moment, there's something dead satisfying about writing a good old list, so Tuesday brings another list of thangs I want [ain't you lucky] but this time round, things I wanna decorate my bedroom with.

1) A feature wall

I've got one in ly living room with various prints and things I've picked up but I kinda wanna expand that out into my bedroom. BUT this time I want my feature wall to be more about the wallpaper and less about prints. This leaf wallpaper so totally feature wall worthy and would defo satisfy my plant everything needs.

2) Dreamy bedspread 

ok, I'm kind of a serial bead spread buyer, I have issues when it comes to buying gorge duvet covers and have way more than I need but I kinda can't help it, particularly if they have something ridiculous on them like pineapples or purmaids, to keep the plant theme alive and perhaps a touch overkill I'd totally go for this cacti bedspread.

3 Blinds 

I guess I should factor in a bit of an adult purchase seeing as this is a dream list of when I'm a super mature adult owning my home and everything. One thing that will not be in my home is new curtains. I frigging hate them. I have vivid memories of my mother putting up some absolutely horrendous ones up in my room when I was younger and it's obviously affected me in later life. So blinds all the way and not just any, electric ones. I'm pretty sure hungover Jess would totally appreciate electric blinds in the AM when she CBA to get out of bed to let some light in, hashtag winsatlife.

4) Prints

Ok so I may not want a feature print wall in my room but I still would love some prints to brighten up my space, I'm a sucker for pictures/prints/art and I love having them dotted around my home andddd because I have plant issues, I'm so in love with these leaf watercolours. They may potentially be in my basket RN waiting for payday to be checked out.

 *The post is collaboration with direct blinds but as always the views are 100% my own :)


  1. I'd love a feature wall too, but I'm just to lazy to decorate haha x]

    Lotte |

  2. Omg I need electric blinds. Why have I never thought of this?
    And that cacti bedding is so cute. I really need new bedding, but i have no clue what to go for ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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