Spring into Summer wish list

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See what I did there with the title? Comic genius I know, that or looking at competitor emails for my job is getting the better of me and elements of what I find are slowing worming themselves into my blog work. . . . ahem, I'll try and stop promise.

I've had ANOTHER spring clear out. One bag and then some full of goodies has been shipped off to the charity shop and another bag full taking to the clothing banks at the tip to be recycled. Despite another clear outdone, my wardrobe is still bursting. Seeing as I have so many clothes I don't utilise enough of, I've kinda gone off shopping [I know what the hell?] BUT that doesn't mean I can whimsically look at things on the net that I'd love to own does it? I've got my eyes firmly on a lot of pieces that I may indulge in if I decided it's feasible . . . .

1) I've been mad into Lazy Oaf for a very very long time, it's just my bank balance hasn't . . . . once I hit it big time [lel] Ima be getting all my garms from them, for now, I'm just going to sit back and admire their collections from afar. One thing I'm super into right now are these love trousers I mean, they're pink, high-waisted and covered in hearts, why the hell would I NOT want them in my wardrobe?

2) Ah Kiss the Sky, another brand I have loved for a long time, I first shopped Kiss the Sky in Ark [RIP] and basically, it helps me with all my inner hippie needs. I've never needed a tie jumpsuit more in my life then I have this bby, sadly it's out of stock and I can't find it anywhere else, le weep.

3) Let's face it, would it be a wish lust if something from Zara wasn't involved? I'm so in love with this tropical print kimono, it kinda needs to find its way into my suitcase for Zara, I mean come on look at that pale pink lining, dreamy.

4) Ok so, I've kinda really wanted another pair of checked trousers for a while, mainly cos I'd seen my fashion hero forever Bae Hayley in a pair really similar to these brown Monday checked trousers and all I know is, these are the pair for me.

Have you got anything on your fashion wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

                    *The post is collaboration with Aquascutum but as always the views are 100% my own :)

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  1. I looove the monday club trousers! So chic. I too can't shop as I need to fit everything back into a suitcase once it's time to come home to England, but it's so hard!!
    Deimante x

  2. Oh cute pics, I absolutely love that kimono! I really need to do a summer shop- my wardrobes are full, but they are full of Autumn and Winter clothes, I have literally nothing for summer

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Those Monday Club Trousers are SO cute! Gimme gimme! I really wish I could pull them off!

    The kimono is adorable too, I love wearing them in the summer time!

    Katie x

  4. OK so I need those Rupert Bear trousers *heart eyes emoji*. They’re like perfect all year round trousers


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