Riding my bike vs. learning to drive

I'm usually quite good at goal setting and if I'm honest, I'm even better at achieving them. See, when I set my heart on something, I become extremely determined and I'm basically unstoppable until I've achieved what I set out to do, that is until learning to drive comes into play. . . . you see every year, amongst other goal setting, I plan to learn to drive and pass my test and I never do. I hit all my other targets/goals and dreams for the year but learning to drive is just something I really haven't got my heart set on. Therefore, never achieve and I've got no immediate plans to do so. Yes I know, having a license is useful and convenient blah blah blah but I'm just really not that fussed, I've listed 5 things I love about riding my bike over learning to drive:

1) Fitness

Kind of an obvious one but biking around is a great way to get in shape and to maintain fitness. Beats going to the gym! You don't get killa quads from driving around!

2) Enjoyment

I love me a long bike ride, I know I grumble that I live in a pokey village where nothing happens . . . . but for what we lack in that area, we make up for scenic routes to take your bike for a ride! There's nothing more I like than taking my bike out with a bag fulla snacks on a warm summers day through field after field of green. It's one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon.

3) The convenience 

Hold the phone, a bike being described as convenient? No, I haven't gone mad, it's true! When I finally move to a city of my dreams, a bike will be my best friend getting too and from places and would trump a car in all aspects. Ain't nobody got time for intercity congestion, ima whizz by the traffic all smug without a car in the world.

4) The environment 

A really really important factor, by going by bike, you're doing that extra little bit to help the environment and not contributing to harmful emission being pumped into the atmosphere - It's good to be green!

5) Variety

Whatever your lifestyle, there's gonna be a 99% chance there's a bike out there to fit those needs. I love my pink Dutch bike with its basket, however when I do finally make that move to the city [Manchester/London I'm coming for you] I'll need something a little more tailored to city living, this Brompton folding bike would be perfect for city commuting, when I'm done with it, I can fold it up dead tiny to be taken inside buildings for safe storing!

                                *The post is collaboration with Brompton but as always the views are 100% my own :)

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  1. I've learned to drive last year and can say that learning to ride bike is much easier hahah Also i'm not surprised when your bike is THIS cute!!

  2. The brompton bikes are so cute! I really want one ha.
    And I know what you mean about driving- it took me 7 years to finally learn how to drive, though I am glad I finally did it as most of my friends live an hour or more away from me so it makes it easier for me to see them. Though I really do need to start cycling more again

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. I'm currently learning to drive and I hate it! But I'm in one of those situations where I NEED to drive :(

    However, biking is fun - I'm just not very good at it aha! Plus if you don't have a bike you wouldn't be able to take all these really cool photos! There's a silver lining everywhere!

    Katie x

  4. How cute is your bike <3 I don’t drive either, as it became too expensive, then I bought my apartment and had to stop. However, even if I had the money to do it now, I don’t think I would bother as I live in the centre and would rarely need to use a car.


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