Paramore After Laughter: Review

Paramore After Laughter Review Foxxtailz

Ok so this is very much a first for me and Iamfoxxtailz, I have never actually reviewed an album before on my blog, which is kinda odd because for me [and I'm sure a hell of a lot of other people too] music is such a big part of my life. I've created so many memories through my favorite bands, be it going to gigs and making friends, a particular song reminding me of a place or a summer festival surrounded by good music and good company, music has played a huge part in my life. It also has influenced who I am as a person and also my own personal style and the way I dress.

My favorite band without a doubt is Paramore and has been since I was 15, that's 12 years of being infatuated with the same band. I've grown with this band, gone to all their tours, spent stupid amounts on merch, I had my bedroom walls COVERED with their posters, I used to trawl YouTube to find and listen to their unreleased B-sides, watch interviews and basically absorb every little bit of Paramore I could, I was obsessed. I've recently retrieved boxes and boxes from my grandmas loft of my Paramore magazine collection of clippings and front cover debuts on international magazines and got a little nostalgic when looking through it. For me when I was younger Paramore was everything. 

So, you can imagine my anticipation for their 5th album release, I'd seen bits on social media of them recording, sneaky shots of Zac in the studio and then the announcement of his return, I was practically vibrating in my seat waiting for new music. When the Hard times was released, I was in love instantly,  it's completely different to anything else they had released previous but I really dug the new sound and the aesthetics of the music video. After that, I headed over to their site and pre-ordered their album straight away. I was pleasantly surprised by their second single release ''Told you so'' and couldn't wait to hear the rest of the album. 


Confession time, after literally counting down the days and bouncing around until the day of the release of the album I was a little underwhelmed . . . . after 4 years of waiting I was kinda taken aback by my reaction, in the past I have instantly fallen in love with every single album they have ever released. Wait though, fellow Paramore fans don't lynch me yet, I wasn't quite ready to give up on my forever fave band. I gave it a second proper listen on the way to work and started to love it. I love the 80's pop vibe, the lyrics the catchy as hell tunes and the intense little ''no friend'' thrown in half way through. Sure, it's really really different to their older stuff but really, do you want album after album being produced to sound exactly like it predecessor? My guessing is not. 

To what I thought on my originally listen was album of filler songs has rapidly turned into something I haven't been able to turn off. [Minus 26, 26 is a skipper #sorrynotsorry] 

My favorite songs on the album:

Rose colored boy - Makes me wanna dance around my room whilst simultaneously imagining my hairbrush is a microphone 

Fake Happy - Can we just please take a moment to appreciate the lyrics here?

Idel Workship - My Jammmm - I love the way Hayley's Voice is strained whilst singing out what's in her heart

No friend - Cos it's just dead weird and I dig it

Are you a fellow Paramore fan? What did you think to their 5th album release, let me know in the comments below ^_^

Paramore After Laughter Review Foxxtailz
Paramore After Laughter Review Foxxtailz
Paramore After Laughter Review Foxxtailz
Paramore After Laughter Review Foxxtailz


  1. I was really eager to listen to this album after I heard Hard Times because the new sound really intrigued me. I dig it, it's the kind of album I can imagine having on in the background during the Summer. I always seem to be able to apply Paramore's lyrics to my own life whenever they release new material, and this album is no different.

    I think where the sound's concerned I'm still more likely to reach for one of their older albums (I think the self titled album will forever be my fave) but I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy of After Laughter.

    Stacey Rose ¦ They Call Me Stacey

  2. I'm going to give it a listen this week! I've never been a huge Paramore fan, but as an ex emo kid I obviously like all of their main hits. I'm a blink-182 girl so you can imagine all the changes in sound I've had to get used to!
    E from Eels said every time they release a new album, he gets letters from "fans" complaining it's not in the same style as the previous one. He always says, "We already made that album, so why would we make it again? Make your own fucking album!"

  3. I’ve heard a few people say it’s a grower, but I guess as well when you have been looking forward to something sooooo much there’s bound to be a little bit of an anti-climax.

    I am ashamed of myself and have only listened to a couple of the tracks so far. I need a good blog photo taking session so I can pop it on whilst I’m doing that.

  4. I absolutely loved Paramore as a teen. I haven't seen them live since 2010 which sucks - it was also the last tour they did with Josh & Zac Farro (dreamies) I think! I'm still kinda holding on to the 'old' Paramore I guess. I just want another belter like Misery Business, Ignorance and basically all the Riot! album haha. I haven't listened to the new album yet but I'm going to find it tonight and give it a listen! I must admit, hard times has definitely grown on me! Here's to hoping the rest of the album dos!

  5. I was never really a Paramore fan, I mean, I would have listened to their music if it came onto the radio, but I never went out of my way to listen to them. But I have to say I am loving their new album! I've been listening to it a lot on Spotify and it always has me singing-a-long (to the dismay of those around me I'm sure).

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  6. I have to be honest I was never really a paramore fan, like I liked a couple of songs and loved Hayleys hair but was just never really that into them. I saw the new video and it was a totally different vibe! I still like Hayleys hair though haha
    Deimante x


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