Cox and Cox Garden Wishlist

Ok so, you know last week I did a little home wish list post and I kinda touched open that I have become low key Mother of all the plants? Well, it's kinda escalated very very quickly. So much so, James has put a ban on buying any more plants - mean right? It's lead me to browsing all things garden [something that I've never really been into until I hit my late twenties] and now, not only do I have quite an extensive home wishlist, it's left me quite a hefty garden wishlist too, I mean, I need some sort of garden furniture like the below great selection to admire all my new plant babies right? Don't worry though, I've only listed my top 5 as this thang could go on forever . . . .

1) Como tiered plant stand

I mean, is this or is this not the perfect place to display my green bebe's proudly? I really want an indoor plant stand - so why not one for my outdoor plants too? The different levels make this even more dreamy.

2) Porto Lounge Set

Ya gals gotta have a lounge set for all the summer BBQ's and parties once the gardens all beaut am I right? Gone are the days are mismatched decked chairs and questionable plastic tables you've had for about 7 years. I moved out 7 years ago, it's time to invest in furniture that actually matched.

3) Indoor/outdoor hanging chair

I don't know why I need this but I do. Mostly to take naps on in the summer with my cat and also to make my garden look dead ~arty~

4) Set of two Somerton planters

Once James lifts the plant buying ban, I'm gonna need somewhere else to put my plants, the como tiered planter mentioned above ain't gonna house ALL the plants I intend to buy, plus they'll match nicely with the Porto Lounge set just saying ;)

5) Ravello Butler's Tray Table

Where else am I going to keep all the prosecco? Plus, I'm kinda a sucker for things that look all rustic and cute.

 *The post is collaboration with Cox and Cox but as always the views are 100% my own :)


  1. Oh my god the hanging chair! This looks so cool! I might have to get this haha!

    Katie x

  2. I can just picture my G&Ts on that tray table... Now I just need a garden haha


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