27 Things I've Learn't in 27 Years that I Wish I Could Tell My Younger self

Ah, shit, it's my birthday again, happy birthday to me and all that,  I swear each year comes round quicker and quicker and basically I'm bloody terrified that I'm 27 already. Yikes, 27.  I think 15 year old me would be happy with the direction current me is going, heck even proud. I worried a lot as a teen, I've then brought that habit into adulthood but learnt to control it a little bit better. There are a few truthful things I wish I could tell my younger self that my older self now knows:

1) You won't always be in a job you hate, no matter how much you're convinced you're doomed to spend the rest of your life at Morrisons

2) You won't always feel lonely

3) You'll learn to start saying no to things you don't want to do in order to please other people whilst sacrificing your own happiness

4) You shouldn't feel guilty about not going to uni

5) It's ok to be a little bit different, despite being mocked for it at school

6) And those people that made your life hell, they won't be around forever

7) You don't have to agree with everything your family does just because you share the same surname

8) Hard work and determination does pay off, you just have to be a little bit patient in seeing the results, [see point one]

9) You will find friends for life, [see point 2]

10) It's fine to not be interested in boys and dating until later so you can quit pretending you are

11) You'll be fine when your mum leaves

12) You'll find someone who doesn't get on your nerves and manage to spend a whole 3 years spending 99.9% of your time with them because you actually want to, not because you think you have to

13) You don't have to be jealous of girls

14) You don't have to jealous about the past

15) Heck you stop investing so much time in jealousy [not altogether like, I'm still human, just not as emotionally invested in it.]

16) You don't have to be afraid of speaking your mind if someone gets hurt about something you don't like then so be it

17) The only person that can make things happen and make those changes is you

18) You'll be one of those people who is always doing something, the polar opposite to your 15-year-old self

19) People/friends grow apart, and that's ok

20) Even though you feel like your world is falling apart, you'll come through the other side stronger and more determined than ever

21) You'll have fallouts that are world-shattering at the time, but a little way down the line you realise the outcome is most certainly for the better

22) You'll cut out family, bloods not always thicker than water, especially when its shared with beings that hold so much toxicity

23)You'll learn when and how to stick up for yourself, 27-year-old Jess takes no shit

24) You don't always have to sweat the small stuff, nothing bad will happen if you don't I promise

25) A boys opinion on how you are does not fucking matter

26) Some dreams with hard work do come true

27) You're gonna be just fine

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