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OK guys confession time. I'm not really feeling my blog at the moment, mainly because I'm not really feeling the content I'm producing for it lately. I can't seem to find my bloggers flow which is leaving me all kinds of deflated with this space. I have wicked images I can't wait to show you, I just can't seem to find the words to do them the justice they need. In order to break this funk I'm currently in, I thought I would do an A-Z first seen by the lovely Lucy over at LJLV when she tackled blogmas, to try and ease me back in.

A- Anime: A few of my faves are Deathnote, Blue Exorcist and Parasyte, I like to pretend I'm in Japan whilst watching them.

B- Best friend: Charlotte, I could do a blogpost of it's own listing the reasons why I love Charlotte so much. Gal is CRAZY and I freaking love her for it.

C- Cassie: My cat, she brings me endless amount of joy, I would be lost without my little fluffy pal.

D- Dark; Soon to be 27, I may or may not still be scared of the dark. . . .

E- [The] Exorcist: Holy shit this film scared me, stupidly at a sleep over I watched this when I was like 9 and now I can't even look at posters, images etc without having flashbacks of pure terror.

F- Foxes: Favorite animals in the world ever, i really want to go to fox island in Japan.

G-Geisha: Totally fascinated by this culture and the pure discipline and dedication Geisha's have.

H- Hayley Williams: Flamed hair babe has been my ideal since I was 16, she is forever a source of
inspiration for me.

I- Iguana: My fave pole move that I'm currently trying to crack on my own!

J- James my boyfriend, I don't care if this is soppy James is my absolute everything

K- Karma: I'm a firm believer in Karma fully trusting in letting it do its thing and righting things out in the end.

L- Leeds: My home town <3

M- Marathon: I love to run and I'm hoping to complete my first half a marathon this year

N- [My] Neighbor Totoro: The dreamiest Studio Ghibli that I could just watch again and again <3

O- October:My fave month! Did someone say Halloween ;)?

P- Pole: I freaking love pole, I wish I had started it up sooner, there's nothing better then cracking a trick you never in your lifetime would think you would be able to do.

Q- Quentin Tarantino: MARRY ME PLZ.

R-  Reading: if I'm not at work or sleeping, I've usually got my head stuck in a good book.


T- Tokyo: most definitely left my heart in Tokyo, hands down the best place I've been to ever leading me to have a huge obsession with the city.

U- Unicorns: Don't get the hype, soz!

V- Vivienne Westwood: The only designer I'd folk out money for.

W- Wanderlust: Despite my humongous fear of flying, there's nothing I like more then exploring foreign lands.

X- Xenomorphs: James can never understand why but I think those aliens are really freaking cute.

Y- YouTube: I'm just starting to get into the swing of it and have been really enjoying creating Vlogs and Looks books for my channel.

Z- Zelda: The Character from ''Pet Semetray'' scared the hell out of me not doing my fear of the dark thing any good.

So for now, I'm admitting temporary defeat and taking a bit of a blog break to concentrate on myself and get a bit of inpso back. Catch you on the flip side. 


  1. Awww you're still scared of the dark?! I'm not scared of the dark per say, but I am terrified of windows in the dark, like I just CANNOT look in the direction of an uncovered window at night.

  2. Great post Jess I've been meaning to do an A - Z of me post myself, omg the exorcist scared the shit out of me too! And no wonder you love foxes, your blog name is iamfoxxtailz haha


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